Your Final Year


The Importance Of Preparing For Jobs Now



During the final year of college, think of best ways to find a job. First, write down a list of places where you want to work. Include the business contact information such as address, the company’s phone number and email address. 


To personalise a resume and cover letter, call and ask for the name of the human resource manager. Then when writing the cover letter, address it directly, to the name of the human resource manager. This is what one of my cousins did when applying for jobs after college.



This shows a business you are willing to go to extra steps, to make the cover letter personal. 


It is important to attend workshops in college. that teaches how to write a proper resume, a cover letter, and how to prepare for a job interview.


In my final year of college, a similar workshop like this was going on in. I did not hear about it or know about it, and as a result, I missed it. 


At this particular workshop, I heard that final years student were interviewed and their answers assessed. 



I did join a resume writing club in college briefly, that taught students how to construct a proper resume and cover letter. So I did get an opportunity to learn what actions to take when applying for a job. 


Were you prepared for working full time immediately after college? Share personal thoughts in the comment area below.




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