Why Is Education Important For Your Success




There are usually six levels of education. They can vary however from one country to another, whether by name or age level. They are:



Preschool Ages 3-6


Preschool is where the foundation of education starts. At this time a young baby is taught to talk, walk, listen, and manipulate objects by educational experts.



Primary School or Prep School Ages 6-10


By primary and prep school, a child should already learn the necessary foundation skills, and if not, it is important that those children get extra help so that they can catch up.


At this stage, children should begin able to understand and practice what they are learning both verbally and in written form.



High School or Home School Ages 11-17


By the time a child reaches high school or becomes a teen, they would already have had to pass examinations to see if they can handle high school work.


In high school, students have to do a variety of subjects with Language and Mathematics being the most important subjects to pass.


At a certain point in high school, for example, after two years, students should know other courses that they want to focus on in high school deeper.


In the future students will have to choose specific courses, that they want to pursue. These classes should preferably be in line with specific career goals.


Choosing the right classes are important because the ones you do, will influence the degree you can apply for in the college. If you want to be a doctor for example, in high school, you should have done biology, chemistry, and physics.


If you did not do these courses, when applying for college, you cannot officially get a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Sciences. You should already have the necessary high school courses required to study Medicine in college.




College Age 17 or Age 18


Before being accepted into college, certain requirements are necessary. If you want to go to college, and do not have all the subjects needed, you can apply again in the future, when you pass those exams.


At this level, students should have a good grasp of Language and Mathematics, being able to write, speak well, and able to do various mathematical calculations.


Additionally, students should have done specific subjects for approval for a Bachelor Degree program.




Adult High School Certifications Age 18 and over


After leaving High School, it is important to either start working immediately or do additional courses to increase your chance of becoming employed or both.


At age 18 you should have already have gotten academic and career counselling, but if this is not the case, do this as soon as possible, so you can begin to pursue a career path.











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