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What Is Work Experience?


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Work or job experience refers to working for pay at a reputable business for a length of time.


To increase your chances of getting a full-time job, it is important to have work experience before applying for a full-time job.



What Jobs Are Best To Apply For And When


It is best to apply for jobs that have a direct connection to your future career goals. If you are unsure of what career you want to pursue, apply for any job that you are interested in. 


It is important additionally to take advantage of employment opportunities available throughout the year, from one season to another. There are jobs available during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.



Benefits of Having Work Experience


According to the University of British Columbia:


A new UBC Sauder School of Business study shows that teenagers who work at summer or evening jobs gain a competitive advantage later in life. Developing early knowledge of the working world and how to manage in it, they are more likely to find good employment and earn more money in the future.


… Seidel and his co-authors found teens in part-time jobs progress to better-suited careers since the early exposure to work helps them hone their preferences. They enhance their soft skills, acquire better references and learn how to job-hunt more successfully – establishing wider career networks.


The more hours that 15-year-olds work, particularly during the school term when they have to learn to manage their time, the better their career prospects, says Seidel. The study showed benefits arose from working up to as much as 33 hours per week during the school year or 43 hours during summer.



Top Spring Jobs


  • Amusement Park Job


  • Backyard Cleaning


  • Dog Sitting


  • Gardening


  • Home Improvement


  • Hotel jobs


  • House Sitting


  • Landscaping


  • Mover


  • National Park jobs


  • Painter


  • Renovator 


  • Tax 


  • Zoo jobs



Top Summer Jobs


  • Amusement Park Worker


  • Bartender


  • Camp Counselor


  • Cashier


  • Child Care Worker


  • Cruise Ship Work


  • Delivery Driver


  • Hand Laborer


  • Hotel Clerk


  • Landscaping


  • Office Clerk


  • Mover


  • Painting and Maintenance


  • Restaurant Host/Hostess


  • Retail Salesperson


  • River Rafting Guide


  • Stock Clerk


  • Waiter/Waitress/Barista


  • Warehouse Worker



  Top Autumn Jobs


Festival jobs – Art, Beer, Dance, Food, Music, Wine


Raking Leaves







Top Winter Jobs


  • Baby Sitting


  • Bartender


  •  Beach Resort jobs


  • Cruise Line Passenger Attendants


  • Customer Service Representatives


  • Decorators


  • Distributor


  • Health Care Worker


  • House Sitting


  • Pet Setting


  • Photographers


  • Production Designers


  • Ski Resorts




Tips On Finding Work Experience As A Teen




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