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Wealthy Affiliate
                                                                          Wealthy Affiliate Website


Website: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Free To Join, then $19 U.S.D for the first month to get access to all lessons, then $47 U.S.D each month after for full access


My Rating: 8 out of 10




WealthyAffiliate Overview


Wealthy Affiliate
                                                  Wealthy Affiliate Website


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that teaches members how to create a successful online business.


The 1st step is to create a website based on a particular niche. A niche is a very specific area within a topic.


Then the 2nd step is to write helpful content on your website.


The 3rd step is to attract visitors to your website (traffic)


Then the 4th step is to make money from your website through ad programs and affiliate programs.






  • Wealthy Affiliate offers 5  certification course levels, with each level having 10 sections.


  • As a free or paid member, you will be able to interact with others having various experience levels


  • If your website has a technical problem you can get help from staff


  • You will get helpful comments on your website


  • Wealthy Affiliate does webinars frequently





  • Wealthy Affiliate teaches members how to create a professional website.


  • Wealthy Affiliate gives members the freedom to get help from others in the online community.


  • Wealthy Affiliate allows members to connect with each other, some of who may share similar business interests.


  • The lessons provided by the Wealthy Affiliate team is extremely helpful. The articles are not too long and go straight to the point. Additionally, the instructions provided in the videos are easy to follow. Furthermore, at the end of each article 3 tasks are given to reinforce what was learnt.






  • The price of having access to full membership each month, which costs 47 USD, may be expensive to some. 


  • The frequency of webinars can overwhelm persons.



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