Ways To Find A Full Time Job





How To Find A Full-Time Job


How To Find Suitable Career Opportunities In Newspapers


To begin looking for a job, start first by searching for job openings in different newspapers. Jobs are listed at least once per week. Below are four job advertisements that I came across recently in a paper.

Stack Of Newspapers Photo


Short Newspaper Job Ads


Data Entry Assistant Newspaper Job Ad Image
Data Entry Assistant Newspaper Job Ad


Accounting Clerk Newspaper Job Ad Image
Accounting Clerk Newspaper Job Ad


Longer Job Advertisements 


Sales Associate Newspaper Job Ad Image
Sales Associate Newspaper Job Ad



Software Developer Newspaper Job Ad Image
Software Developer Newspaper Job Ad


When you search and find jobs being advertised in a newspaper, it is important to read those that interest you carefully, to see which ones are best for you. These ads will tell which job position is available, and what is expected from persons interested.


In many ads, the minimum requirements needed to do the job are listed such as requiring a bachelor’s degree or just a high school certificate with passes. A standard requirement as well is that you have to send in your cover letter and resume before a particular date. 


Typically jobs being advertised in newspapers get a very high response rate. Therefore the competition to get specific jobs from newspapers can be huge.


Before sending cover letter and resume, make sure that the job being advertised is genuine. That the business offering the job is reputable.



Finding Jobs In The Directory


Full-Time Hours Opportunities Online


Business Websites


Many companies with their physical locations have created their official website to boost their presence online. Normally these firms have a career opportunities section, explicitly listed on their website to attract online job seekers.


If you are interested in working at an established business such as Coca-Cola, you can search online for their official website.


After finding Coca Cola’s official website, search for the career section at the top of the site menu, to see if there are any jobs available suitable for you. (See screenshot of Coca-Cola website below)


'Coca Cola' Website Screenshot
‘Coca-Cola’ Website Screenshot




Job Websites


There are sites known popularly as job websites that were created specifically to assist persons seeking full time and part time jobs, whether available in a physical location offline or available online.


'Career Builder' Screenshot
‘Career Builder’ Screenshot


Job websites typically allow users to narrow down their searches to find jobs that they want easier. Therefore website users or visitors can find employment located in a particular area within their country.


Jobs can also be located according to specific jobs title such as ‘Admin Assistant, or according to categories that jobs fall in such as the ‘Finance’ category.



Online Based Businesses


Some companies exist only online. Typically this occurs when a few persons with a common idea or goal join on the internet to provide goods or services. 


'TranscribeMe' Screenshot
‘TranscribeMe’ Screenshot


In these online based businesses, workers are comprised of persons on the internet, who are looking for online work, to earn money.


To get a job on an online based business, workers have to register freely on their official company website. Online based companies sometimes have certain requirements and sometimes not, before persons can be accepted to do job tasks.


A job requirement could be having to be a U.S citizen that is 18 years and older. An additional requirement could be that one has to pass a particular test or tests. 



Help From Experts Is Important To Your Job Search


Some businesses have been created specifically, to help all persons find the best full-time job. 


These firms typically consult with individuals, to see the type of work employment best suited for them. This can be based on an individual’s interests, high school subjects that have been passed, skills and abilities, or the type of degree program one completed.


Career Concierge Screenshot
Source: Career Concierge Screenshot


Individuals may also be encouraged to do personality tests and career quizzes. Services that these businesses provide also includes examining an individual’s cover letters, resume, and job interview skills, to improve them.



Get Wonderful Jobs With Help From God And Family


Seeking help from trusted family and friends can help you to get a great full-time job. Word of mouth is a very common way in which persons can know when jobs are available.

Woman On Computer Stressed Photo


Those closest to us may come across interesting jobs while reading the news. The business or company where they work may have a job open to the public. Additionally our friends and family may hear about interesting jobs through their other friends and co-workers.


For those of us that know that Jesus Christ is alive and well, it is important to ask God for help in finding a great job. We all need to do as much as we can practically as well to get a full-time job, remember that faith without works is dead.



Benefits To Being A Member Of A Social Group


Being an informal or formal member of a group has its advantages. Being friends with a small group of persons can make the difference between finding a full-time job or not.


Female Friends At A Picnic Photo


This especially hits home, when you realise that the following has been estimated. Where ‘every person you know, knows someone you know, without none of you even knowing it’.


Therefore just communication between different individuals can make a significant impact on the job opportunities we are aware of.


If you are a member of a formal group such as a church or club, ask senior members for help. Then thank them for their help, even you don’t get a job. 



Are Good Jobs In Your Former High School?


As my mum say, “Don’t burn bridges”, this mean it is important to maintain still contact with persons you know. Visiting teachers at your former high school can help you to find a full-time job.


Fire In Woods Art Image


One of my former classmates got a job working at the high school we use to go to. It was easier for her to get a job because staff members knew her for several years. Therefore, as a result, there was a greater level of trust.


She also knew how to handle the job she was given to do.



Working For Free Definitely, Has Advantages


Computer Keyboard and Key Photo
Source: Pixabay


When you are unable to get a full-time job after trying for a long time, volunteer at a regular job. This is to get work experience that you need.


There have been cases when a volunteer is asked to become an employee. This is because the individual did well while volunteering. So it is critical to work hard and make a great impression while volunteering. 


It is best to volunteer in a company, that is directly in line with your future career goal.



Using .Gov Websites To Do Important Research


Many governments across the world have created official websites, which provide useful job information to benefit the general public. This information includes job descriptions, salary ranges for different jobs, and whether a particular job is in demand or not.


U.S Capital Image


Therefore, a good place to find valuable information about jobs is by visiting an official government website. 


As a result of scams taking place, some states also have established a list of guidelines. This is to help persons find jobs that are reputable.


So, on the government website, there may be a list of registered businesses. If this is available, search through these registered companies for a job.


If this is available, search through these registered firms for a job.



What other ways can college students find a job quickly? Post answers in the comment section below



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