Pros And Cons Of A College Degree


Benefits Of Having A College Degree



(1) Having a college degree means that you have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject area.


(2) Having a college degree offers greater money making opportunities. This is where doing a degree from a particular faculty, means that you are eligible to work in other areas within that same faculty.


If you did a degree in Psychology in the Social Sciences Faculty you can apply to work at a bank. This is because Banking is in the same faculty psychology is in. 


(3) Successfully getting a college degree shows that education is important to us. Education should not end after leaving high school, but it should be a lifelong process.


(4) Having a degree shows potential employers, that you are trainable, which means you can learn quicker at the job when necessary.


(5) There are several occupations that require us to do a college degree. Therefore if we want to be a journalist, we have to get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.


(6) Having a college degree helps you to be competitive in the workplace. This is where you are in a better position to get a promotion than someone who does not have a degree.


(7) While getting a college degree, you are able to build your network. This is where you are able to connect to other students in your field, as well as experts in the field you are studying in. This will be beneficial when you are working.



Problems With Getting A Degree 


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(1) Getting a degree is costly. Therefore persons who may want to go to college may not be able to afford it.


(2) Not all college degrees are financially beneficial. Doing a bachelor’s degree in History, for example, will not allow for many job opportunities compared to a degree in Marketing.


(3) Having a degree does not mean that you are ready to start working. There are some degree programs that do not offer enough practical experience, depending on the university one attends.


Doing Computer Science in a particular college may be more theory based than practical which is problematic. While at another college, doing a degree in Computer Science is much more hands on or practical. It is best to go to a college that offers both theory and enough practical.


(4) Using student loans to finance your education can be problematic. After leaving college you have to pay back your student loans whether you have a job or not.


(5) Many more persons now are getting a college degree. This means that you are competing with more persons with a college degree. So getting a job is harder.


(6) Having a college degree does not guarantee that you will get a job soon. Many college students upon leaving college have a hard time getting jobs because of the state of the economy.


 (7) Having a degree does not mean you will get a significant increase in pay than others without a degree…




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