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True Story


My older sister attended classes, to get her Computer Science Degree. The school did not have the proper certifications and she knew it.


Unfortunately, she ignored this because the school is well known. My sister and other students were told by staff at the school. That by the end of their Computer Science degree program, the school will be fully certified. 


When my sister and her classmates finished classes, the school still was not certified. As a result, students could not get the degree certificate they worked hard for. 


Naturally, my sister, including other students became upset and worried. They wrote many letters and called the school many times. They still did not get the degree certificate they worked for. 



Waiting Hopefully For A Year To Get Her Degree


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My older sister faced a whole lot of other problems as she applied and got a job based on that degree. She was unable though to provide solid proof, that she indeed had a degree.


The only proof she had, was in the form of an official letter from the school she attended, This letter stated that she indeed had a Computer Science degree. In total, my sister waited over 1 or 2 years to get that degree certificate. 


If my sister did not get her degree, she would have been absolutely devastated and directionless. Therefore it is extremely important to attend schools and colleges that are fully certified. If not there will be bad consequences in the future.


Having the proper skills and being able to prove proof of that is crucial to one’s success.


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