Educational Toys For Preschoolers




Before your child enters preschool, often you have started the process of teaching your kids in a variety of ways.


Once your baby reaches three years old, this is where officially, fundamental learning skills can be taught by educators, depending on the country one lives in.


To ensure that your child gets the best start educationally, buying educational toys is crucial in developing skills. As a baby, the five human senses are developing.


These are seeing, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Therefore educational toys that can sufficiently help to develop these senses are important.


Educational Toys are used primarily for developing site, touch, and hearing skills.



Site Skills


Toys suitable for developing seeing skills are ones that are:


  • Have Natural Colors


  • That Are Colourful (but not too much)


  • Interesting Shapes And Sizes



 Touch Skills


Toys suitable for developing contact skills are ones that have:


  • Different Shapes. This includes circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and toys that have a combination of these forms.


  • A Variety Of Sizes. For example medium and large that can be picked up and manipulated.




Hearing Skills


Toys suitable for hearing skills are:


  • Ones that have repetitive sounds


  • Those that play active and soothing music


  • Toys that speak a particular word or words



Before buying any educational toy, note the following:


  • Buy toys only suitable for your child’s age


  • Before buying a toy, ensure to research and examine the toys to ensure it is safe


  • There is no one perfect toy


  • You don’t need to buy fancy expensive toys, keep it simple


  • Go traditional with some toys. These are toys that are similar to ones that you used as a child that are great


  • Take note of the type of toys your baby prefers


  • Replace toys that have been damaged quickly





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