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Online Surveys For Money


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Doing online surveys for money will not make you wealthy. If you are from large countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, you will have access to more surveys than persons in other nations. This translates to more money making opportunities.



What Is A Survey?


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A survey can be described as a method used to get factual information and opinions from persons on a particular subject matter.


Surveys are done in person, over the telephone, and on the internet, whether in a formal or informal setting.



Types Of Surveys


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The Importance Of Providing Factual Information


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A very crucial aspect of answering surveys is providing factual information, whether general or personal.


For example, persons may be asked what region of the world they are from generally, whether in Asia, Africa, or Europe. Persons may also be called upon to choose the job category that they work in. General questions asked on surveys can include selecting your age range such as between the ages of 18-25,


Personal questions often asked on surveys include your sex, whether you are male or female, and your ethnicity. I have seen polls also asking questions about relationships, whether you are ‘single, married, or divorced’.


There are times where you may be given an option, not to answer a question being asked, in case it is too personal for you such as financial information.



Consider The Following When Doing Surveys



  • Ensure that you read the terms of service agreement, to find out whether your information will be used in a way that you don’t want it to be used, before starting the survey.


  • Keep in mind that there may be a non-disclosure policy, where you are not to state the contents of a particular survey you have done to others. 


  • You can freely leave a survey anytime you don’t want to continue. 


  • A rule of thumb I have come across is, if you don’t feel comfortable with some issues being asked in a survey, then do not continue the study. Please note that when you do not finish a study, you will not be paid.


  • To ensure that you answer honestly, a question on the survey may be asked multiple times, in various ways, to test if you are giving honest answers. And whether you have read the study instructions correctly.


  • Ensure that you read the instructions in a survey more than once, to understand what is required of you.


  • You are being paid, so you have treat doing a survey like you are doing a regular job.



How Is A Survey Often Structured?


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A survey may start, by asking the responder to choose an answer to a few personal questions, such as their age, sex and ethnicity. But this does not happen in all cases, as sometimes these issues are asked at the end of the survey. 


In many instances, studies provide a small list of options, or a larger variety of choices, from which to choose for your answers. I have done surveys, where I have had to choose between 2 options, three options and four options. I have seen four options on a survey provided such as ‘agree’, ‘somewhat agree’, ‘mostly agree’ or ‘strongly agree’.


I have also seen studies where you are asked to write a reason for your answer/answers. Each study review is structured depending on the goal of the survey, as well as the method used to obtain information from the survey.


For example, when doing a survey online, there is more room to ask the person making the inquiry, why they chose a particular answer, as the answer will be typed not handwritten, which will make it easier to understand what the person is saying.



How Much Time Does It Take To Complete A Survey?


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Surveys can last a short time, for example, less than 5 minutes or 10 minutes, or a longer time such as 45 minutes, depending on the focus of the survey. Before you start the survey, the average length of time given to do the questionnaire will sometimes be stated.


There also have been instances where surveys are precisely timed, where you have to complete the questionnaire within 60 minutes or before a certain amount of time is up for example.



Payments For Doing Surveys


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Payments given for doing surveys online can range from cash to gift card rewards. There are also studies available, where persons can win a set amount of money.


The sum of money a person will make depends directly on the country they are from, the type of survey being done, and the length of the study.


Normally cash received for completing one survey online is minimal for example, less than $5 U.S dollars or more.


Rewards for doing surveys can also include gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and other stores.



Are Surveys Available For Persons WorldWide?


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For the most part, surveys are open mainly to persons from the United States. Canadians, persons from the United Kingdom, are also chosen as the second preferred areas, based on my personal experiences.


Persons in Mexico, South America, South Africa, India, China and Europe, also will have opportunities to get paid for doing surveys.


Individuals from the Caribbean and smaller countries get fewer opportunities to do surveys.



What Are Surveys Used For?


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The information that is obtained from surveys is used for a variety of studies including market research, such as finding out whether persons of a similar age, likes a particular food item.


A survey may also be used to find out, whether working people are spending more or less in a recession.


Surveys can also be used for psychological and medical studies. I have done studies for instance, where I have been asked to choose the way I felt about a particular topic. For example, I have been asked to choose whether or not your friends make you happy, or whether a particular situation angers you a lot or not.


You may be invited if you have a specific medical problem such as diabetes, heart problem, cancer and stomach problems, or if a close family member has a particular medical problem. 



Paid Survey Website


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Paid Viewpoint


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You can earn money on Paid Viewpoint, by completing surveys. These surveys are short and easy to do. In my experience, there is a reasonable amount of surveys to do.


Paid Viewpoint is open to different countries worldwide. 


Paid Viewpoint



Comprehensive Survey Site



Paid Surveys At Home


Paid Surveys At Home Website
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Paid Surveys At Home is a website that provides a large list of surveys you can do from home, in different countries. To become a member, you have to pay over $30 U.S dollars.


The great thing, though, is that you can get a full refund, within a particular period, if you are not satisfied with the surveys.


Paid Surveys At Home







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