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No Fee To Work From Home Jobs


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Genuine, no fee to work from home jobs are available online. If you are told that you need to pay to get a particular job, this is a scam. You should not spend any money to get a job.


Additionally making money online is not easy. So if websites are promising you that you can make a lot of money within a short period, without hard work, for example, such as $100 for typing, it is a scam.


Many persons have been scammed online when looking for a job. 



How To Register For An Online Job


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Registering for an online job website is free. To register for an online job, you always need to provide the following necessary information.


  • Your full name


  • Your complete address


  • Your date of birth


  • The country you are from


  • Your email address



Jobs Available Online


Transcribing Audio


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You can make money online, by listening to audio recordings, and type the words you hear. This is known as transcription. Examples of audio recordings include speeches, a conversation, a lecture, or an interview.


If you want to make money by transcribing audios, the website I recommend is To be accepted at TranscribeMe, you must take a simple short test, and you must read transcription guidelines provided, and follow them.


TranscribeMe Tips


  • You can listen to an audio recording several times if you need to.


  • You will need to have excellent grammar skills. You can brush up your grammar skills by using information found on the internet. Additionally, you can take an online grammar course.


  • Having a decent headset will help you to hear more clearly. As a result, this will improve your accuracy.


  • If you are a native English speaker, you may come across non-native English speakers, which will require you to listen more carefully.





Get paid Listverse
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On the website ListVerse, persons get paid $100 U.S Dollars, to write an interesting article that has to be a minimum of 1500 words. ListVerse articles are made up of 10 or more lists on a particular topic.


You don’t need to be an expert writer to make money. Just ensure to stick to ListVerse Writing Guidelines, and you will be okay.



ListVerse Tips


  • Read and follow the writing guidelines carefully. This will save you time in the long run.


  • Your title and topic should be interesting so that people will want to read your article.


  • Ensure to use factual information in your article. Provide references for what you write, such as specific news articles you used.


  • When your story is accepted, you give up all your rights to the material, so you will not own it anymore.





Rev Jobs
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Rev is the name of a website where you can get paid for either transcribing audio, creating subtitles for videos, or translating.


For the subtitle jobs on Rev, you will be asked to write an essay to test your writing skills, and you will also create a caption for a particular video, to test your ability to follow instructions.



Rev Tips


  • Following all instructions given is essential to success.


  • Ensure to listen very carefully, to the videos; you are asked to type subtitles for.


  • Use proper spelling, capitalizations, and punctuations.


  • Ensure to line up the words you type, with the words being spoken in a video, in the syncing section precisely.






Paid Viewpoint survey website
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On the website PaidViewpoint, you will be paid for answering a short survey question, or questions each day. A possible question you may be asked is to choose the sicknesses you have, or a family member has such as asthma, or diabetes.


The surveys on PaidViewpoint are simple and to the point. They do not take a long time to do. To be successful, you have to read the instructions and questions carefully and answer truthfully.



PaidViewpoint Tips 


  • Be prepared to answer personal information when participating in surveys. You will be asked questions which include your buying habits, and your thoughts and feelings.


  • If a question is too personal for you, you can stop doing the survey. You won’t be paid for it, though. There are times within a survey, which there is an option, to not answer a question if it is too personal for you.


  • Answer survey questions honestly. You will be tested to see if you are honest with your replies.


  • In some cases, you can choose more than one replies in a survey.



General Tips


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  • Read carefully to find out what you are required to do to be successful at an online job.


  • If you have any questions about a particular job, and you cannot find the answer, you can get assistance by emailing the staff at the job website.


  • Know how you are going to get paid, before starting to work. The most common ways to get paid online is through PayPal.


  • Find a quiet place to work. You need to be able to concentrate on what you are doing



Getting Paid For Working Online


Payoneer website
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Paypal Website
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To receive payment for working online, you have to become a member of an online payment processor. The two most popular online payment processors are PayPal and Payoneer.


Joining both of them is free.





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