Needs And Wants


Difference Between A Need And A Want


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A need refers to something that you can’t survive without. On the other hand, a want refers to something that you are interested in getting or having.



6 Basic Needs


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  • Water – Water is needed for drinking purposes, bathing, washing clothes, washing utensils, washing hands, brushing teeth, cleaning spills and cooking.


  • Food – Meals typically consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner. To maintain optimal health, we need a balanced diet such as fruits, vegetables, meat, grains. If we don’t eat, we will not have the energy to work productively.


  • Shelter – To protect ourselves and family, it is important for us to have proper housing that enables us to carry out daily activities including sleeping.


  • Clothing – We need clothes to protect our physical body from dust, germs, bacteria, everyday activities and injuries. 


  • Job – Without a proper source of income we cannot satisfy our basic needs which are necessary for our survival.


  • Health Care – It is important to have the ability to get proper health care when necessary. 



Primary Wants


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  • Looking Good – Wearing beautiful clothes, jewellery, going to a salon, going to a gym, getting a manicure, pedicure, shaving, plastic surgery.


  • Feeling Good – Being entertained such as watching the television, going to a movie, seeing a play, playing video games, watching sports, travelling, eating out, and getting a massage.


  • Physical Items To Make Life Easier – Buying a television, computer, getting the internet, buying a radio, microwave, washing machine, cell phone, cars, motorbikes, boats, air conditioner, vacuum, and a digital camera.





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