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Money can be made by creating our single page website, or just a site with only one page. If you want to make money from a single page site, the first step is to create a single page website. To help with this process, examining a landing page template is crucial.


This landing page or single page website that you create should be based on a niche topic. A great niche topic is one you are interested in and have in-depth knowledge about.



How To Choose A Great Niche For Your Website 


A niche refers to a very specific area within a particular topic. Within the ‘diet category, a niche is, ‘how post pregnant women can lose weight’.


Pregnant Woman
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Within this single page website, also known as a landing page, you offer a free digital item. An example of a digital product is an e-book. This free item should be based on a specific particular niche you chose. 


The way visitors to your single page website should get that free item, is by entering their email address. This is in a particular space provided on your single page website


When site visitors enter their email address on your landing page, automatically an email message is sent to them. This email sent to your site visitors includes a downloadable link such as a PDF containing the free item offered.


By clicking on this particular link or URL in the email message, website visitors will download your item.


After that, you send additional emails to those site visitors now known as email subscribers. Within these emails contain additional information that they would be interested in. 



Selling Helpful Products To Your Subscribers Is Important


Then later, when appropriate, you offer additional digital products to those email subscribers. These products should be able to be purchased easily over the Internet with no shipping necessary. When anyone buys the products, you suggest you make a commission.


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To find digital programs to sell one has to join affiliate marketing websites such as ClickBank. ClickBank allows persons to access a variety of digital products that they can sell to email subscribers for a commission.


All the products you suggest must directly relate to the niche topic of your single page website. Site visitors are only interested in products that benefit them in some way. Therefore, to be successful, the site owner has to suggest products that are helpful to website visitors.



Create Fantastic Single Page Websites Guaranteed To Make Money


We can create our single page website or landing page from scratch. Alternatively, we can become a paid member of a site that specialises in creating landing page templates. These models allow us to edit already existing landing pages to suit our needs. 


Landing Business Page
                             Source: GetResponse


Two prominent websites that offer landing pages templates is GetResponse and LeadPages.



Know The Important Elements Of An Effective Landing Page


I will be using a landing page template from the website GetResponse, to show the crucial elements of a landing page (see below).


Online Courses Landing Page
                               Source: GetResponse


The three most important elements to include on a landing page are:


(1) An attractive offer. This is where on a single page website, owners promise to provide site visitors, with a free digital product. To get this product, website visitors simply provide their email address in a particular space provided.


The words used on a landing page to describe the digital product must be easy to read and understand. It should also be interesting, accurate, free of exaggerations, and errors. 


In the above template, the offer is “Get access to our top online courses and acquire skills that will enhance your career.” Notice that this proposal is compelling, simple, and to the point.


(2) The landing page must look good. Therefore it should be neat; a great quality picture should be included to add interest to your single page website. Notice that the image of the books on the right side of the above template is neat. The image relates to the offer being provided.


(3) There must be a call to action in the landing page template. This means that specific words should be used to motivate people to take a particular action. Normally this action is for website visitors to provide their email address to receive a free digital product.


In the above landing page, the call to action is ‘Register Now’. (See GetResponse image)



The Best Way To Create An Email List


Email Message
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When persons subscribe to your website, their email addresses are known as an email list, needs to be properly managed.


When someone is a member of the site GetResponse or LeadPages, the ability to manage an email list is provided.


Alternatively, one can join the website Aweber, to manage your email lists effectively.



Would you make money online from a web page? Tell me below in the comment area.





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