Intro to Business 6th Edition Review


Product: Intro to Business 6th Edition by Les Dlabay and James L. Burrow 

Publisher: South-Western Educational Pub; 6 edition (April 27, 2005)

HardCover/Paperback : 624 Pages

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Price: $58.93 (Amazon Price New), $148.92 (Ebay Price New) 

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My Rating: 9 out of 10



‘Intro to Business 6th Edition’ Book Overview


Intro To Business Book


‘Intro to Business’ was written specifically to help high school students prepare for working as an adult.


In this book, topics such as the economy, government, and business are intertwined, in order to help students understand the role and impact of a business both locally and internationally.



 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Economic Decisions and Systems

Chapter 2: Economic Activity

Chapter 3: Business in the Global Economy

Chapter 4: Social Responsibility of Business and Government

Chapter 5: Business Organization

Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Chapter 7: Management and Leadership

Chapter 8: Human Resources, Culture, and Diversity

Chapter 9: Career Planning and Development

Chapter 10: Marketing

Chapter 11: Business and Technology

Chapter 12: Financial Management

Chapter 13: Production and Business Operations

Chapter 14: Risk Management

Chapter 15: Consumers in the Global Economy

Chapter 16: Money Management and Financial Planning

Chapter 17: Banking and Financial Services

Chapter 18: Consumer Credit

Chapter 19: Savings and Investment Strategies



‘Intro To Business’ Teaches


  • The importance of having and creating specific goals for the future


  • Specific career areas from which you can choose, the future outlook of these occupations, the skills needed for specific careers, and a typical day in the life of a worker in general career areas


  • How consumers behave, and their purchasing habits


  • An in-depth understanding of how money is made by businesses, the different types of businesses that exist, and understanding the economy and economic activities. ‘Intro to Business’ also teaches the core fundamentals of business success, doing business internationally, and the relationship between business and government


  • The role of businesses both locally and internationally


  • Small business and entrepreneurship fundamentals


  • The importance of laws and regulations in businesses


  • How business is organised and managed successfully


  • Managing finances in a business


  • Managing risks within a business



‘Intro to Business’ Pros


  • It is easy to read and understand, therefore great for persons who need a basic understanding of a business. The words in the book are big, there are relevant colour photos throughout the book, the chapters are small, and the book is well organised


  • Information in this book is thorough, covering a wide range of business, economic, and government fundamentals, and how they all relate to each other


  • There are school activities at the end of each chapter to reinforce what was previously taught. 


  • This book when bought new comes with supplemental materials



‘Intro to Business’ Cons


  • Information in the book may be too basic for persons who already have fundamental knowledge of how businesses operate within a society


  • There is not enough information about creating cover letters and resumes in this book. Without a proper cover letter and resume, a person cannot get a job


  • This book was published over 11 years ago. Therefore some current business developments may not be dealt with enough. For example, there is not an in-depth teaching of how to create a business online


  •  For some persons, this book may be heavy to carry around





‘Intro To Business’ is a thorough business book. It clearly shows the relationship between business, the economy, and government in an easy way. Although this book was published in 2005, all the information is still very useful.


However, there are some current business developments that may not be tackled adequately in this book.



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