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A resume or curriculum vitae is a formal document created by a person seeking employment at a business or company. This report highlights an individual’s information, educational achievements, extracurricular activities, and work experience done while attending high school.


Think of the resume simply as a descriptive overview of a person’s educational and professional life, from high school or college.



A Basic Resume Template


Resume templates are pre-made documents that you can use to create your resume quicker. So if you want to know how to write a resume, take advantage of resume templates available.



Basic Resume Template Screenshot
                       Source: Microsoft Resume Template



Step 1: Your Details 


The 1st step is to put your full name, address, phone number and email address at the top of the page, in the centre.



Step 2: An Objective 


The 2nd step is to put your main goal, whether it is a career or a job objective. A career goal is the primary job plans that you have for the future.


Alternatively, a job objective is focused on a particular job you are interested in doing.  You can explain your purpose in 3 sentences.



Step 3: Your Educational Details 


The 3rd step is to list your educational information such as the name of the high school or college you went to, the exam passes or type of degree that you got, and the years you stayed in high school or college.



Step 4: Work Experience


The 4th step is to list all the work experience you have had. The name of the business you worked at, the jobs you did, and the years you worked.



Step 5: Awards and Accomplishments


The 5th step is to list specific awards or achievements that you have.



3 Types Of Resumes


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                                      Source: Pixabay




(1) Chronological


(2) Functional (Thematic)


(3) Combination



 Chronological Resumes


Colorado State University Chronological Resume Screenshot
                              Source: Colorado State University


Chronological Resume Sample Colorado State University


In chronological resumes, you place your education and work experience in order from the latest to the oldest information. This type is most suitable for persons who have been working continually, not being unemployed for an extended period.



Functional or Thematic Resumes


Colorado State University Functional Resume Template Screenshot
                             Source: Colorado State University


Functional Resume Sample Colorado State University


A functional or thematic resume focuses directly on what you have achieved so far, rather than getting too specific about the technical skills you have. Therefore if you have not worked for a few months or years, this is the best type of resume for you.



Combination Resume 


Washington University Combination Resume Template Screenshot
                                Source: Washington University


Sample Combination Resume Washington University


A combination resume is a mixture of both chronological and functional. Therefore in the resume, a portion will include your specific skills, along with noted achievements.



 Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips


Person Writing
                                    Source: Pixabay


(1) It is important to keep your curriculum vitae simple. Avoid typing in fonts that can be difficult to read. Only use the colour black to type your resume, therefore no bold colours like red, yellow, or orange. 


You should type your curriculum vitae on a computer, and print it on a white sheet of paper, letter size, not coloured paper.


Your full name in the resume should be significant, for example, size 18, as opposed to size 12 which is considered the regular size on a computer. You should bold your full name for emphasis also.


(2) Your resume must be neat, free of error, and your grammar should be excellent. Enough space must be put between various information in the resume, to make reading comfortable.


(3) Present your facts in the curriculum vitae in an interesting way, by using non-general specific words. These words include instituted, produced, organised, trained, and analysed.


(4) Your resume should only be one page. This is because human resource employees have to search through a  lot of curriculum vitae from different people, and therefore do not have time to read a lengthy one.


As a result, make the resume to the point, not too long. Therefore a curriculum vitae being three pages long is not good generally unless it is necessary for the position you are applying for. 



Chronological Resume Templates


Microsoft Office Online Chronological Resume Template



Functional Resume Templates


Microsoft Office Online Resume (Functional Design) Template



 Combination Resume Templates


Combination Resume Template Cornell University



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