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How To Save Money Tips


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How to save money tips are crucial for your survival. If you are not careful with the money you earn, this will impact your finance negatively.


To save money, we need to determine the difference between what we need and what we want, and then spend accordingly.



Is Technology A Need Or Want?


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Every day we see advertisements telling us about the latest innovation, we hear what this item can do, and how we should get it, and where to buy it.  


It is coming to the point where technology is becoming more of a need, where you have to have it, rather than just wanting to have it.


There are times I have felt overwhelmed at all the technological advancements taking place. This is where I feel I simply cannot keep up. 



Expensive Phones


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How much does your cell phone cost? From my experience, persons are buying expensive phones that they do not need and cannot afford.


This is to get internet access, be able to take pictures, create videos, and record audios in a snap.


But one of the things I have discovered is that trying to use a phone for purposes other than making and receiving calls, was problematic.


When I tried to use the internet, the screen was too small, and I could not quickly move around the web.


When taking pictures, I discovered they were too small, and not of high quality. I came to the realisation that it was much better for me to use a digital camera to take pictures. I also discovered I had a much better experience using the internet on a laptop computer than on a mobile phone.


I also discovered I had a much better experience using the internet on a laptop computer than on a mobile phone.


As a result, I realised that just having a desktop computer or a laptop computer was enough. When the Kindle came out, I wanted it, and when the tablet came out I wanted it.


But truth be told I did not need them, and even really want them. I just wanted to keep up with technology.


Instead of buying an expensive phone, consider seriously purchase a simple mobile phone that can send and receive calls easily, and is reliable.


Buying a phone that you cannot afford and that you don’t need will hurt your finances





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Use public transportation and walk when you can to reduce travelling costs. Owning and maintaining your vehicle is hefty. If you are using a car, ensure to fix it regularly.


If your car is giving problems and you don’t deal with it immediately, it can cost you more money in the long run. Also, don’t buy expensive cars to show off to persons around you.



Credit Cards


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Avoid using your credit cards regularly especially for entertainment and other non-essential purposes. Only use your credit card when necessary such as for medical emergencies not to buy clothes on sale.


If you do not have a credit card, you don’t need one. It is better to use a debit card than a credit card.


This is because a debit card allows you to use the money you already have in the bank, while when using a credit card you are borrowing money from the bank which you have to repay.



Use Less Water


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Without water, we cannot survive, at the same time water is easy to waste if we regularly have it. Therefore be careful when using water. Catch and use rainwater in your garden.


Additionally, instead of taking baths take showers as a lot of water is used.When you go to the bathroom at nights, do not flush the toilet every time you use it where possible.


This is especially important for someone with a weak bladder.


If you have access to a nearby river, you can catch use some of the water to wash your clothes and also water your garden. You can have a well constructed to provide you with fresh water.




Pay Less For The Foods You Buy


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Buying premade and precooked foods costs more. Pre-made foods include chicken, fish, beef, and other meats that have already been seasoned or cut into smaller portions.


If you buy chicken regularly, money can be saved just by purchasing a whole chicken and cutting into different pieces.


Pre-cooked foods include meals you just need to put in a microwave. Foods such as French fries and pancakes that have already been made.


Cut down on buying marinade, barbeque, and other types of sauces. Do not buy seasonings that you don’t use and need. The top items to season your food with are salt, onion, garlic, and pepper.


Instead of buying breadcrumbs in the store, you can make your own instead. Instead of buying tin soups, make your soup, and leave some for the next day.





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When buying clothes be careful about the money you spend. First, purchase essential clothing such as undergarments which offer the most basic protection.


Then buy clothing that you can wear in public such as clothes suitable for work, clothes appropriate for and events that you are obligated to go to including formal such as a work related event.


Avoid buying clothing that you plan to wear only one time.


When purchasing clothes and other items visit different stores to compare the prices before buying any. Keep on the lookout for deals and discounts especially for more expensive items.


If you and a sibling are of the same size, you can also borrow each other clothes when necessary such as a blouse or jean pants.



Use Less Electricity


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Use less hot water. Using hot water every time you shower or bath will increase your electricity bill. When you are not watching the television turn it off.


Shut off items that use electricity quickly using surge protectors. Use the microwave less to warm your food; you can heat your meals on the stove.


Shut off items that use electricity quickly using surge protectors. Use the microwave less to cook your food; you can warm your meals on the stove.


Use energy saving light bulbs to reduce your electricity cost. Buy a few lamps to reduce power consumption. You can use solar powered lights outdoors to help you see at nights.


These lamps store light during the day and then releases it throughout the night, so no battery or electricity is needed.





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Getting your hair done at a salon regularly can be very costly.


Therefore buy and use your hair rollers and hair dryer, purchase and use your curling iron, reduce significantly the amount of weaves and extensions that you buy.


Having a manicure and pedicure regularly as well can be costly. So lessen the amount of professional manicures and pedicures you get. 


You can learn to do your nails, which will save you a lot of money.






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Going to spas regularly feels great, but if you do this, you will spend a lot of money you could be saving. You can do facial at home whenever you feel the need to.


At times when you need to rest, you can also relax at home and listen to soothing music if this is possible.



 Spend Less On Pets


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Spending money on grooming your dog or cat regularly can be costly. Bathing, trimming, hair being combed, teeth being clean, and nails being done costs a lot of money.


Instead, bathe your dog or cat, and reduce the amount and type of grooming they get.


Dogs and cats only need water, food, shelter, medical care, and companionship, to survive and thrive.


When you have other pets such as parrots, snakes, lizards, ensure that you can take care of any special needs your pet may have. 






Be careful when shopping. Buying anything at your fingertips is easy. Therefore you may be quick to buy items you don’t need.


Stay away from most deals and discounts. Seeing sales causes some persons to spend more money that they have, and buy things they don’t need or even use.


Buy items you need instead of items that you want when deals are available.





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Consider reducing your use of a gym by exercising at home sometimes. Using the gym regularly will cost you a substantial amount of money.


Therefore you can buy a few gym items for your home such as a hand gripper, dumbbells, treadmill, exercise bike, and exercise ball.


Additional ways you can exercise includes skipping, roller skating, playing outdoor games with family, riding a bicycle, and sometimes walking instead of always driving.







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Encourage your kids to play and read more. This is to prevent them from watching television, using a computer, playing video games, for hours.


It is important to teach younger family members to spend their time wisely.


Not only should your children spend less time in front of the television, but older family members need to do the same to reduce spending. 




Jewellery, Watches, Accessories


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When buying jewellery, watches, and other accessories, ensure to limit your spending.


It is tempting at times to buy items that look great and are expensive but to save money, you have to be willing to control your spending.


Therefore do not buy expensive sunglasses, jewellery, belts, and cufflinks.



Celebrity Brand Items


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Items branded by celebrities cost a lot more than regular ones for the most part.


If you wish to save money, it is best to buy regular items not just simply because a celebrity name is on the item.


Therefore avoid buying celebrity perfumes, colognes, and clothes.






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Many young persons have borrowed money from the bank to finance their college education, to buy a car, or other items deemed necessary.


The biggest problem with loans is that often the interest on the loan is high, and therefore it can be challenging to pay back the loan by a given period.


Therefore before taking out a loan consider all other options. For example, can you instead save a specific amount of money each week to buy the item you want?


If this is not possible, perhaps you can apply for another job, so you can save money to buy what you want.


I would not advise asking for a friend or family for a loan to avoid high-interest rates, as this can, and often, put that other person financially at risk.


If you do need a loan, ensure that you can afford to pay back the money in the future. If you don’t pay back your loan, there will be consequences.





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When gambling it is easy to get caught up constantly trying to win a lot of money. It is best, therefore, to avoid gambling in the first place.


If you are gambling presently, restrict the amount of you do and focus on ways to stop gambling altogether.


Gambling eats your money little by little, so don’t allow yourself to gamble regularly. If you want to make, money uses other options such as applying for a job full time or part time.





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