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Are you homeschooled or do you attend high school right now? Being home schooled and attending high school is a different experience, although there are similarities between the two.



An Overview of Homeschooling


Homeschooling is when children and teens learn at home officially, instead of attending a public or private school.


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Parents home school their children for a variety of reasons. These includes:


  • To provide a much safer learning environment for children. Peer pressure and bullying are serious problems found in traditional schools


  • Parents want their children to learn important religious and moral values, and to be guided by them.


  • General unhappiness with the education system, not feeling that their child will get the best education


  • To care for a child who has physical and mental disabilities


  • A way to bring the family much closer together


  • For financial reasons, such as not being able to afford school fees

Finding Jobs While Being Home-Schooled


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As a home-schooled teen, it is important to start the process of working. Therefore examine the types of jobs you are interested in, and the skills needed to do those jobs effectively.


You can start by volunteering in a job or career area that interests you. So if you love animals, working at a local animal shelter or zoo will be ideal for you.


If you prefer to help, others consider helping the elderly, visiting the sick, or volunteering in a hospital.


If you love being outdoors, being a camp counsellor can be an enjoyable experience and a great learning opportunity for you. Do you enjoy teaching, then tutoring younger persons will be beneficial to you.


If you prefer earning money at the moment, consider creating a mini business. To do this first, you need your parent’s permission. Then you need to assess what you already have, and how you can make money from it.


For example, you can have a yard sale selling toys you no longer want. Other items you can sell includes video games and computer games that you no longer want, but it is in excellent condition.


The skills that one learns from having a mini business will be useful to your career choice in the future. This is because you will learn the practical skills of how to make money, and run a successful business.


The primary goal of working while being home-schooled is to gain work experience. Working will help you to learn essential job skills such as listening to instructions given, managing small job tasks effectively, and working with others.


When you are old enough to apply for a full-time job, you can include your previous work experiences in your resume.



From Homeschooling To Full-Time Employment


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At present, you may be in the process of transitioning from homeschooling to full-time work, or from homeschooling to college.


This development can go more smoothly if you have the fundamental educational requirements needed, which many homeschoolers have. If you want to work or go to college immediately after being homeschooled, you have to pass critical examinations.


You would also need to have done extracurricular activities, including volunteering. This is to show you are a well-rounded individual and would make an excellent job candidate. Having work experience is also vital.


Many persons have been told they were not hired for a job because they lack work experience.


In totality, it is important to have the necessary job or college qualifications which include the proper education, having done extracurricular activities including volunteering, and gaining practical work experience.


Additionally having practical skills is also needed to start working efficiently.






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