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Overview Of High Schools 


A high school is an institution that provides lessons to children typically ages 11 to 17 in a variety of subjects areas. These lessons are taught by qualified job experts. The purpose of school is to prepare young people for working an adult.


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If you are a high school student, or if you are about to enter high school, or if you are reading this as a parent, high schools should meet the following criteria:


  • It must be accredited, that is officially recognised as a legitimate secondary institution


  • The school must meet safety standards to ensure protection of children in their care


  • High schools must have the proper amenities such as great classrooms, clean bathrooms, and enough lunchroom space.


  • There should be nurse’s stations in case a child gets sick.


  • There should be enough outdoor space, for students to enjoy.



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  • Academic programmes and skills must be taught by qualified teachers


  • Teachers must have access to educational tools needed to teach effectively


  • Parents should comfortable feel talking about any concerns they may have.


  • The school must have regular parent-teacher meetings and consultations. It is important to have a relationship with the school your child goes to


  • Extracurricular activities should also be a priority. Sports and other school related activities are important for children


  • If you are a parent, you should be comfortable with the school rules and regulations put in place.



Finding Jobs While In High School


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It is important that you work while attending high school. This is because you need to get sufficient work experience. Places you can work includes your high school, and at a business or company.


Additionally, you have the option for working for yourself by creating a mini business. Furthermore, volunteering at a non-profit organisation is mandatory.


It is also critical to get both academic and career counselling, as this will ensure that you make better decisions in the future.



Working At Your High School


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  • You can work in the school library cleaning shelves, fixing books, and putting them in its proper place. You can photocopy materials for students, and help the librarian to assist those who need to borrow books.


  • When your teacher needs extra help, you can offer your assistance. Your teacher may need to bring additional equipment to class such as a projector, television or a laptop computer.


  • If you are working in a science lab, you can help the teacher to put back the equipment safely after class


  • When your teacher has to leave the class briefly, you can offer to supervise the class until she gets back


  • You can offer your assistance at various school events such as parent meetings, sports day, field trips and concerts


  • If your school has a garden, you can offer to help to plant vegetables and take care of livestock.



Working At A Business While In High School


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  • You can work at a clothing store fixing clothes neatly


  • At a supermarket, you can work stocking shelves, and pack groceries for customers


  • At a restaurant, you can help fixing up the business before it opens on the weekend. You can also apply to be a waiter or waitress, helping to serve food to customers.


  • Work that may also be available for you includes greeting customers when they come into the restaurant, or you may be asked to hand out flyers to attract new customers.


  • Office work is available to high school students mainly during the summer holidays. You may be required to use a switchboard to direct calls to various employees, file documents, and use software to represent company data.



Working For Yourself As A High School Student


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  • Making and selling food items is a common way that teens earn money. Favourite food items to sell includes desserts, fast food items, and refreshing drinks.


  • Selling items you already have, and no longer use, is another common way you can make money. You can have a garage sale if your parents permit, selling traditional toys, video games, sporting equipment, and used books


  • Offering your services is another way to get work experience. You can take care of a pet when a neighbour is not home. You can teach a particular sport to younger persons. You can offer to wash cars, clean up movie theatres, and become a camp counsellor.


  • If you have skills such as styling hair, and creating unique designs on fingernails you can have your own mini business. If you can create your jewellery, and able to sew and create clothes, you may be able to profit from it.



Working At Non-Profit Organization While In High School


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Volunteering at a non-profit organisation is an important aspect of our future work life. This is where we need to give back to our community and help improve the lives of those in need.


Standard voluntary activities include:


  • Providing and sharing food for persons unable to afford food


  • Collecting toys, clothes, books, shoes, and giving them to individuals in need


  • Helping the elderly with simple tasks such as buying their groceries each week, taking out the garbage, and delivering their newspaper directly to them.


  • Visiting the sick in hospitals especially children, and the elderly


  • Assisting persons after a natural disaster to get back on their feet


  • Helping to raise funds for a particular cause such as for those with cancer


  • Providing help to children in orphanages



From High School To Full-Time Employment


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If you are planning to start working immediately after high school, you should know ahead of time what career you want to pursue, or what job interests you.


Knowing the career you want to pursue early, will give you an advantage, as it will help you to decide specific jobs to apply for after leaving high school.


It is important to note that it is common for high school students not to know which career to pursue. If this is your situation, get career counselling from professionals to determine the best actions for you to take after leaving high school.


Everyone’s situation is different, so don’t try to follow the path your friend is taking to determine what is best for you. One of your best friends may plan to go to college, but attending college may not be best for you at this time.


If you are not planning to work full time or attend college, you have the option of working part-time, and attend classes at the same. Working part time will help you to get further professional experience, and you will be able to start earning money.


Going to classes will give you the opportunity to improve your examination results. Doing additional courses will also help in enhancing a skill you already have, or learn an entirely new skill that interests us, and is beneficial for our career path.


The above option is also suitable for persons who want to attend college, but do not have all the educational requirements as yet. You can do extra classes after leaving high school, with the intention of getting the required college qualifications.


Then when you do get those qualifications, you can apply to go to the college of your choice.




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