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Software: Grammarly

Price: Free to use, to upgrade $19 U.S.D per month


My Rating: 9 out of 10



Software Overview



Grammarly is a software that scan typed information to discover and fix errors online and offline.





  • Typed information is scanned quickly, and when errors are detected, you have the option of choosing a substitute word.


  • If Grammarly identifies the correct work as an error, that word can be stored for future use to prevent it from coming up as an error again.


  • Persons are given an explanation why a word is highlighted as being an error


  • Grammarly gives advice on how to make your writing more interesting such as using active words instead of passive ones where appropriate.


  • If you are a paid member of Grammarly, you can get help from professional proof-readers


  • Grammarly identifies the difference between U.K English and American English words and usage





  • Using Grammarly to proofread a document is quick and easy


  • Grammarly provides helpful suggestions such as identifying overused words in a document


  • The errors in the document are highlighted in red with an underline, making them easy to identify.


  • Substituting words in Grammarly is simple and not obtrusive





  • When I edit an article in WordPress using Grammarly, if a video is in the article, it gets deleted automatically by Grammarly and as a result, I have to reupload the video.


  • There are times when a word or a sentence is accurate, but comes up as an error, with an error recommendation.


  • When using Grammarly on WordPress, the way how the article looks changes. For example: if the title is in the middle of the article, it moves to the left of the article. Once the editing is done it goes back to what it originally was.




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