Full Time Jobs


Full time jobs usually lasts a minimum of eight hours, such as from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Additionally overtime work may be required at certain times and normally you earn more money when you have worked overtime.


The pay for full time jobs is usually set for a specific time period including hourly, weekly, or twice per month (fortnight).


Full time jobs accommodate customers during regular working hours, lunch time, and on weekends sometimes depending on the type of job.


 List of full time job positions include:


  • Accountant


  • Administrative Assistant


  • Bank Teller


  • Dentist


  • Financial Advisor


  • High School Guidance Counselor


  • High School Teacher


  • Librarian


  • Loan Officer


  • Office Receptionist


  • Optometrist


  • Travel Agent





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