How To Find A Job Online


Take Notes Before Searching Online For A Job 



Before beginning your online search, write down the following in a notebook.


  • The job positions you are interested in.


  • The general jobs areas you are interested in such as Health, Finance.


  • The type of job you are searching for, whether it is a full-time job or a part-time job.


  • Your general geographical location such as Africa, Europe


  • The particular country you are a citizen of.


  • The name of search engines you will use to search for a job online. The most popular ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search.




Starting Your Job Search on Google


Popular Search Engines Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer
                            Source: Pixabay


Be specific as much as possible when searching online for a job to get the best results. If you want to find tutoring jobs full-time for example, on Google, you can type the following into the search bar: Maths tutoring jobs full-time Toronto Canada or Spanish education jobs part time Los Angeles California. 


If you are okay with working far away from home you can do a more general search, for example, Biology tutoring jobs full-time Florida or Information Technology education jobs full-time Australia.


Finding a job on Google is much easier for larger countries. This includes countries such as Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.



Starting Your Job Search On Bing


Bing Search Page
                             Source: Pixabay


Be precise or specific as much as possible. For example, you can search for, Registered nurse full-time jobs Kingston Jamaica or Accounting full-time employment Trinidad and Tobago in Bing or Journalism full-time work Barbados on Bing.


Finding a job on Bing is easier for smaller countries. This includes Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad.




Starting Your Job Search On Yahoo 


Yahoo Search Page
                              Source: Yahoo


Be specific or general specific when searching for a job on Yahoo Search. For example, Licensed Practical Nurse Full-Time Jobs Nassau Bahamas or Finance full-time job Guyana



How To Enhance Your Searches


Places With The Same Name


Same Name Places
                               Source: Google


When searching for jobs from specific locations, please note that the name may not be unique. For example, when searching for employment in the country of Jamaica, please note that there is a place name ‘Jamaica New York’, ‘Jamaica Plain’, which is entirely different from the country Jamaica.


Therefore to fix this issue instead of searching for Jamaica only, you can search for Kingston Jamaica. For example, Mechanic full-time jobs in Kingston Jamaica. Another example is, in the country Belize, there is an area named ‘San Pedro’. In the United States, there is also an area with the name ‘San Pedro’.



Use Quotations


Website Qoutes
                                          Source: Google


Additionally, for more accurate results you can put quotes around your search terms to find exact words. For example, “Chef jobs in Antigua and Barbuda“.




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