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Website Wire Frame Drawing
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Money can be made in various ways online. One of the common ways is to create a website business, offering goods, services, or help to online users. Creating an online business successfully requires understanding the process of setting up a site. Additionally knowing how to make money online is important.


Site owners must have the ability to write well and be able to use great images to make their site interesting. Having the capacity to connect with others online, and meet their needs is also important. 


Money is needed initially to create your website and to keep it running. You will not make money immediately from your site. It can take over 7 months before a person starts making money from their site. Creating an online business requires time, patience, and hard work.



Preparing and Planning For Your Site Is Important


Website Template
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The following are guidelines that you can use when preparing and planning your website. This is based on my experiences.




Choose carefully what the main topic of your website will be. Then within this topic choose a niche area, which is a specific area within that topic. The niche that you choose should be one that you know a lot about.




Know the elements needed to make a site great. These includes features such as articles, images, and videos. Other features include having a comments area, a contact form, an about me page, and a search box on your site 




Create a layout or wire frame for your website by hand. This plan should show how you want to make your site appear to the public. The design of a website is essential, so it is important to follow the best layout or wire frame practices.




Choose the best colours, font styles, for your site. It is better to have a white background because it will make your website easier to read. Add extra colours throughout your site to make it more interesting for your readers.




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Research is essential for your website’s success. You may know a niche topic well, but it important to keep up with the latest news. This includes trends going on, and the problems and concerns that persons are having within your niche topic. 




Make your website more attractive by adding interactive plugins to your site. This can include polls, quizzes, games, graphs, charts, podcasts, live chat, and competitions.




There are technical issues you have to deal with when having your own site. This includes your website taking too long to load, spamming, plugin problems, and errors.


To make your website better use a responsive theme, which allows your website to look the same no matter what internet devices a person uses. This is whether a website visitor uses a cell phone, a tablet, laptop, and desktop computer to view your website.




Learn how to make money from a website. Web site owners make money primarily by adding advertisements to their websites (not too many ads). Then depending on the program, you choose, when a site visitor clicks on the ad you earn money.


Money is also made by signing up with affiliate programs. This is where you make money if your site visitor buys an item on your website that you can recommend.




Taking classes online to improve your website is important. It is important to understand what a website and blog are. Knowing how to set up a website, and ways to manage your site is important.


When you are completely ready to set up your site after extensive planning, there are three things you need to do. Without doing these three things it is impossible to have a website.



Create An Awesome Website 


Different website templates
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(1) Create a great Domain Name


(2) Choose a Hosting company best for you


(3) Use a Website Builder to create your site easier





The Best Domain Name For Your Website


Yahoo Domain Name
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First either create a totally unique name for your website or create a name based on the topic of your website. Popular companies with unique names include Amazon, Yahoo, BBC, eBay and GoogleCreating a website name based on a topic is also common practice.


When planning to create a website about teaching adults how to swim, a great site name is SwimTeacher.


After creating a website name, then the next step to buy a domain name based on that name. A popular domain name is while the name of the same website is eBay. A domain name must start with www. and end with .com, or other extensions such as .gov.


‘GoDaddy’ is the name of a well-known website, where persons can buy domain names from. Purchasing a domain name should not be expensive. Based on my experience it is $10 U.S dollars or a little more. 


Upon trying to buy a domain name, oftentimes that domain name has already been taken. If that is the case then come up with another domain name.


Take as much time when creating a domain name. When a particular domain name is purchased it cannot be edited or changed.





Storing Your Website Safely And Securely Are Important


                                      Source: HostGator



Hosting is where the core of your website remains. Anything put on a website is stored at the hosting company. This includes articles, videos, and pictures uploaded to a site. A popular hosting site is HostGator. 


The cost of hosting is small and is charged only once per year.





Why Using A Simple Website Builder Is Helpful


Shopping Website Template
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A Website Builder refers to a program or software that allows persons to construct their website easier. This is without needing to use fundamental H.T.M.L codes (Hyper Text Markup Language) and C.S.S codes (Cascading Style Sheets). 


In order for any website to work, one has to manually enter H.T.M.L and C.S.S codes. These are languages the computer use to create websites. 





H.T.M.L (Hyper Text Markup Language) allows individuals to create headings, titles, and paragraphs on their website (See below).



Basic H.T.M.L Codes 

                                    Source: w3schools





C.S.S (Cascading Style Sheets) on the other hand, focuses on the design of a website. This involves the colours used on the website and the placement of images. Additionally, this includes the type of fonts used to create words and the overall appearance of the website. (See below). 



Basic C.S.S Codes


                                    Source: w3schools



How To Use WordPress To Create A Great Website


WordPress Website
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A very popular website builder is WordPress. WordPress allows persons to create websites quickly without needing to use H.T.M.L and C.S.S codes. 


WordPress provides two options for individuals to create a website. The 1st option is to install a WordPress program on your computer. The 2nd option is to use WordPress online, without having to install it on your computer. WordPress is free to use.



Interested in making your website? Tell me in the comment section below.






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