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A college is the highest academic institution that both young adults and older adults can go to, to improve their education qualifications and job opportunities.


Some teens go to college immediately after leaving high school, while others apply to college later on in the future. Additionally, adults also go to college when they can.


The courses you choose in college should relate to your future career goals. Therefore do not go to college unless you know exactly what job or career you want to pursue, and what you need to do to be successful.



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Before choosing courses in college do the following:


  • Get academic and career counselling from professionals


  • Know exactly what career you will be pursuing and how to get there.


  • Know the type of degree programme that is needed for your career choice. Whether it is an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.


  • Ensure colleges that you want to go to are fully accredited


  • That you have a well thought out financial plan in place to pay for tuition.


  • That you have the fundamental educational requirements necessary to be accepted at college. This may include being the age of 18 and passing six critical examinations.


  • Know the faculty you want to go in, whether it is Humanities and Education, Social Science, Medical Sciences, Law, or Technology


  • Know the courses that you need to take in college and the ones that you are free to choose


  • Ensure that the college of your choice has a balance between learning theory and doing practical work. Many students leave college only having head knowledge, but no hands-on experience which is problematic.


  • This is because when these students do get a full-time job, they find it hard to function adequately in the office.


  • Ensure that you can handle the demands of college, especially if you work full time, or if you are just raising a family.



Becoming Employed While In College


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If you are attending college at this time, it is important to either get a part-time, or full-time job. This is to ensure that you have the necessary work experience you need, in the career of your choice. You can choose to work on campus or off campus.


Jobs available to college students can include being an Assistant Registrar, a Dance Instructor, a Dietary Aid, a Digital Marketing Manager, a Dining Service Assistant.


Additionally, this can include being a Disability Services Aide, a Lab Assistant, a Gallery Attendant, a Peer Ambassador and a Student Coordinator.



How To Find Work On Campus


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  • To find a part-time job, you can go to the main front desk located in your faculty. Then, you can ask the staff for if there are any part-time work available, and what these jobs are.


  • You can visit different places on campus, such as a campus bookstore, and ask a staff member if there are jobs available that you can do part-time.


  • Colleges often use their official website, to post part-time jobs that are available, specifically for their college students. This includes both on-campus and off-campus jobs. So visit your college official website, and search for jobs listed that you can do.


  • Universities connect with the student population at times through college newspapers, flyers, notice boards, and emails. It is, therefore, a very good idea for you to read these items when you see them. You just may get a job.


  • You can also ask your lecturers if they know of any job that is available on campus


  • Remember to ask your friends, classmates, if they know of any job available on campus



Jobs Off Campus


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When looking for a part time job off campus consider the following:


  • How far is the off-campus job from the college itself? Consider potential issues that could arise if the location is too far.


  • Will the off-campus job be flexible enough to fall in line with your college schedule?


  • Note the potential stress levels from being a full-time student and working at the same time


  • How much money will you be making at the off-campus job and is it worth it?



Working Full Time After College



Preparing to work at a full-time job should start while you are still in college. This is important because you need to get a job as quickly as you can. Jobs are harder to get at this time, so you have to be prepared to work shortly after leaving college.



The Preparation Process


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To prepare for working full-time:


  • Write down a list of places where you want to work full time after leaving college


  • Then do background research about those companies or businesses that interest you. Examine which of these firms are best suited for your needs.


  • Also decide whether you are applying for any job available in those companies, or if you are looking for specific job positions


  • Afterwards, create cover letters, resumes, and practice extensively for job interviews. Ensure to attend workshops available in college for extra help.


  • Get academic and career counselling at the college you attend. Additionally, ask for their opinion of your cover letters and resumes you have written thus far. Then make the necessary changes to improve your chances of getting a job.


  • During counselling, ask how you can participate in mock job interviews. This is where you pretend that you are being interviewed for a job. This is to assess how prepared you are to do an official job interview, and what techniques you can use to improve your interviewing skills.

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