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Finding A Job While In College


While attending college, it is important to get a part-time or full-time job. This is not only to make money but most importantly, you need to get proper job experience.


Another benefit of having work experience is being able to get recommendations after college. 




College Part Time Jobs


The following are part time jobs listed from 12 colleges or universities on their website. These include both part-time off-campus and part-time on-campus work. 


Colleges posting these jobs include Brandeis University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College.




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 The Best Part Time Jobs Off Campus For You 



(1) College students should first search local newspapers, to find part-time jobs that are available off campus.


Newspapers are normally found in stores, supermarkets, and on newsstands in public. Therefore finding a newspaper to buy or borrow should not be a difficult task.


(2) Part time work not located on campus can be found by students searching the internet thoroughly for work.


This is where websites provide a list of part-time jobs available in a particular location. The requirements needed are also listed. This includes the way to directly apply for those jobs.


(3) College students can find a part time off campus job, by using a home telephone business directory. A directory can be used to search for a list of registered business places.


Then students should write down a list of businesses found in the directory. That is potential work that is both interesting and suitable. 


Then when ready, students can call these business places. This is to find if there is part time employment available, and how best to apply for the one you want.


(4) Students can find part time work by going to locations or areas that are familiar. Then they can ask businesses in those areas, through their staff, if a part-time employment is available.


When you visit a location frequently, and the staff remembers you, this is important. You may have a greater advantage of finding and getting a part time work opportunity in that location.



How To Find Part Time Work In College


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(1) Students should go to the main front desk located in their faculty. Then ask the staff for help in finding part-time jobs.


(2) College students can visit different places on campus, that they would like to work in. Then ask a staff member if there are jobs available that you can do part time.


(3) Colleges oftentimes use their official website, to post part-time jobs that are available, specifically for their college students. So visit your college official website and search for on-campus jobs.


(4) Colleges connect with the student population at times through college newspapers, flyers, notice boards, and emails.


It is, therefore, a great idea for college students to read campus newspapers, flyers, notice boards, and official campus emails when possible.



Important Criteria You Need To Meet For Work


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(1) As a college student, have all the important skills necessary to do the job effectively


(2) When you are a college student, consider the length of time you are willing to work 


(3) The work you choose to apply for must be flexible, because of the busy college schedule you have.



When You Find The Best Job Do Great


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(1) Make a great impression as a college student, by working well. 


(2) Be courteous and polite to everyone at your job, do not only greeting senior staff members you encounter.


(3) Coming to work on time regularly as a student leaves a great impression, therefore be early.




Employed But Seeking Employment


There are several reasons why persons want to get another job. A common reason is being unhappy at work, getting low pay, or finding it difficult to get a higher position at work.


Furthermore, consider the following questions: Do you want a job in the same field or area you are working in? What job do you specifically want to do?


Is there a list of specific places where you would like to work?. If this is the case, ensure that your resume and cover letters are done well. Then when ready you can apply for a job. 


The last question to consider is, Do you have the requirements needed to get that job you want? If you don’t have those requirements, still keep the full-time job you already have.


Then, you can use the money you make from that job, to go to extra classes, in order to fulfil the requirements needed.


Never leave your full-time work, until you have successfully got another one. It is easier for you to find a job when you are working than when you are unemployed. This also prevents a financial crisis from occuring due to unemployment. 


When deciding to change your career completely, get professional career counselling to assist you through the process. 










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