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Before applying for college, it is important for persons to understand this real college guide. I entered college without knowing exactly what I wanted to do, and as a result faced many challenges.


Therefore to avoid problems from arising, know exactly why you are applying to college, what you want to do in college, and what you hope to gain from going to college.


There are a variety of reasons why teens and adults decide to attend college, before applying for college, assess the reasons why you have decided to go.


The following statistics from the ‘Cooperative Institutional Research Program’ in 2014, shows the top reasons new college students gave, to explain, why going to college is the right decision.



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Before Applying For College Know What You Want


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Regardless of your reasons for wanting to go to college, it is important to plan extensively before getting college application forms. Know exactly what you want to study in college, how this area of study will benefit you, and the best ways to get where you want to be.


To help in deciding the main area of study to pursue, it is important to get professional academic and career counselling, no matter how experienced you are. Studying and working for a degree is a lot of work and is expensive, so get the best guidance, in order the benefit the most from college.



 Having Mathematics and English Are Important In Being Successful 


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Do not apply for college without first passing the two most important subjects from high school, Mathematics and Language, these core subjects enable us to think more logically and critically, which equals to us making better decisions in our daily life.


Understanding Mathematics helps persons in many ways such as being able to comfortably calculate numbers in order to get accurate results, to manage financial transactions both at the office, and at home, and to know how to measure ingredients correctly when baking cookies.


Additionally learning about the main language of your country and it’s structure, is important, as this teaches students how to communicate effectively both in verbal and written form.



Choosing A College That Is Best For You

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The best college to attend depends on the area of study that you are planning to pursue. Based on your plans, you may choose to do an Associate Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree.  An Associate Degree lasts for two years, and a Bachelor’s Degree for 3 or 4 years. 


In order to choose the best college to do an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s Degree, consider the following criteria:


(1) The college that you choose must be fully accredited. Therefore the college must be officially recognised as a legitimate tertiary institution, with a great track record.


(2) It is best to go to a college that provides a healthy mix of theory and practical work. This is to ensure that you are able to put into practice what you have learnt in college.


Therefore transitioning from college to the workplace will be easier, as you will know how to handle practical job tasks given to you


(3) Consider important college obligations to meet such as the cost of tuition, as well as policies put in place by the university. Know the rules and requirements you are expecting to meet as a student.



The College You Go To Should Have Proper Amenities


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Ensure that the college of your choice provides adequate security, and proper amenities available for students such as computer labs, libraries, and eateries. Find out if the college has insurance coverage for students, in the case of an accident on college grounds.


(4) Choose a college that has adequate part time jobs available for college students, especially in your area of study. Find out if the college you are interested in offers internships, especially in your area of study.


Additionally, inquire about the availability of college summer work programs, so you have a greater chance of making money while in college.


(5) Finally choose a college that makes you feel comfortable, as this will be your home for a while.



How To Discuss Your College Plans With Family


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It is very important for you to discuss your college plans with family, whether you are a teen or an adult. 


In the near future, if you are leaving high school and plan to go to college, write down the plans you have, such as the main area of study that you want to pursue in college.


Include the reasons you want to study in that particular area, and how this main area of study will benefit you in the future.


After writing down these plans sit down with your parents in a quiet place and discuss them. Listen carefully to their thoughts and advice on the matter.


When you are an adult, especially with a family of your own, it is important to discuss future college plans with your spouse. Balancing family life, work life, and college life can be very challenging.


Discussing your plans with your significant other, and asking their opinions show that you truly respect and value that relationship.



College Requirements That Are Important For You To Have


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Before applying for college, find out what specific requirements are necessary for students to get accepted in the first place.


Each college has minimum requirements such as having a certain amount of good exam grades such as 5 or more in total, in specific high school subject areas. A student is also often required to be of a certain age such as being 18 years old.


Doing pre-entry college exams may be required also, depending on the main area of study you will be doing in college. Therefore do those exams on the dates you are supposed to.


After ensuring that you fulfil the necessary requirements and are fully prepared, the next step is to collect more than one college application form, for each college you are applying to.



Read Your Application Form Carefully


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Making errors on the application form is common. Another option is to fill out college application forms online if this option is available or strongly required.


Read all application form instructions that are provided, before attempting to fill in any personal information on your application.


When I was applying for college, I had to write in block letters only (MELISSA), and I could only write in black or blue pen ink. If I did not do this my application would not have been accepted.


Sending in your college application before a specific date is also mandatory, so get your college application forms early. Do not wait until the last minute to get an application form.


After completely filling out your college applications, depending on the college you applied for, you may be required to send the application forms by mail, or by fax, or through the internet. 


When I filled in my college application form a few years ago, I did not do it online. I had physical copies of the application, and I wrote in my personal information with a pen and sent the application form by mail.


Time has changed, and things may be done differently than when I was applying for college originally.


I also ensured to mail important documents to verify the information that I provided in the application based on instructions provided. This included my birth certificate, high school certificates, and financial proof being able to afford my tuition, by way of my parents.



3 Unique College Applications Forms That Are Helpful




(1) An Application Form Within One’s Own Country


(2) An Application Form For International Students


(3) An Application Form For Adults




How To Apply For College: Technical Guidelines  


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Provided further on is a Princeton University application form, and it is divided into 8 Parts which are Applicant, Future Plans, Demographics, Family, Education, Academics, Extra Curricular Activities, and Work Experience. 


I have typed questions directly from Princeton’s University application, to give you an idea of what to expect when filling out a college application form, these questions are from the sections ‘Applicant to Demographics.’


Before filling out any college applicant, read the entire application form at least 3 times. Ensure to read your application form from left to right, as this is how you have to fill out the form.



1st Part Applicant – Personal Information


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Source: Princeton University




  (A) Legal Name: (Surname, First Name, Middle Name)


  (B) Birth Date: (Month First, Day Second and Year Last)


  (C) Gender/Sex: Female, Male


  (D) Social Security Number: 


  (E) Preferred Telephone: (Home) 


  (F) Email Address: 


 (G) Home Address: (Area, Country, and City Code)


 (H) Cell: 


(I) Mailing Address: (Number and Street, Apartment Number, City/Town,  County/Parish,  State Province,  Country,  Zip/Postal Code  


(J) Boarding School Address: (If your mailing address is a boarding school put the name of the school)



2nd Part Future Plans


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Source: Princeton University




(A) College: 


(B) Entry Term: Fall (Jul-Sep)   Spring (Jan-Jun)


(C) Decision Plan:


(D) Academic Interests: 


(E) Career Interests: 


(F) Deadline: (Month, Day, Year)


(G) Do you intend to apply for need-based financial aid: 


(H) Do you intend to apply for a merit-based scholarship: 


(I) Do you intend to be a full-time student? 


(J) Do you intend to enrol in a degree program your first year: 


(K) Do you intend to live in college housing: 


(L) What is the highest degree you intend to earn? 



 3rd Part Demographics


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Source: Princeton University



(A) Citizenship Status: 


(B) Non U.S Citizenship(s): 


(C) Birthplace: (City/Town,  State/Province,  Country)


(D) Years lived in the U.S:                    


(E) Years lived outside of the U.S: 


(F) Language Proficiency (Check all that apply)


                                S                R               W                   F                     

                  (Speak)       (Read)      (Write)       (First Lang)    (Spoken at






(G) Religious Preference:


(H) U.S Armed Services Veteran Status:


(I) Are You Hispanic/Latino?  



Regardless of your answer to the prior question please indicate how you describe yourself


(Check one or more to describe your background)


(J) American India or Alaska Native (including all Originals Peoples of the Americas) 


Are you enrolled?   If Yes please enter your Tribal Enrollment Number: 


(K) Asian (including Indian subcontinent and the Philippines)  


(L) Black or African American (including Africa and the Caribbean) 


(M) Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (Original Peoples) 


(N) White (including Middle Eastern)  



 4th Part Family 


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Source: Princeton University



College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



5th Part Education 


College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



6th Part Academics


College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University





College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



7th Part Extra Curricular Activities and Work Experience 


College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



8th Part Signature


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Source: Princeton University


College Application Screenshot
Source: Princeton University



What To Do When You Complete Your College Applications


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When you have completely filled out your college applications accurately, ensure to read the information you have filled in several times, to see if there are any errors on your college applications.


Ask family members, friends, to read your application forms thoroughly to double check to see, that your college application is filled out fully and correctly. It may be difficult for us to see our own errors, but another person examining our application forms may easily see those errors


As stated earlier it is crucial to provide official proof of what you have said in your application form, therefore call or email the colleges that you are applying for, and ask them to tell you all the officials documents that you need to send to them.


Additionally, find out the different ways you can send in those documents securely, normally you send in these documents by mail or by providing these official documents in person, at the colleges, you are applying for.


The official documents that need to be sent normally include your birth certificate, your high school exams certificate, your Social Security Number, and financial proof that you can afford the college tuition fees.


After sending in your college application forms and accompanying official documents, call those colleges you applied for at a later time, to verify that they have indeed received your college application and officials documents.


Are you fully prepared to apply for college? Post answers in the comment section below. 




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