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This is a college dictionary online I created, to make it easier for college students, to understand college specific words.


When I attended college there were many words I was unfamiliar with, and as a result, I did struggle to understand what I needed to do, to do well in school.



Academic Approval


This is when a student’s college application, is approved by the college, that they applied for



Academic Board


Are made up of persons who are responsible for the maintenance and success of the college



Academic Counseling


Refers to services available in college to assist students, if they are having any problems related to the courses they are doing, or if they need advice moving forward



Academic Programme


Refers to the programme that someone is pursuing in college. Academic programmes include bachelor degrees, postgraduate diplomas, masters degree, P.H.D.





Admission Requirements


These are the basic criteria that students have to meet in order to attend university.


Having certain grades, and doing certain subjects, makes one eligible to be accepted at a campus faculty.



Application Forms


Refers to a standard document that persons interested in attending a university need to fill out.


Many application forms can now be done, online





Refers to students that have already completed college or past college students



Associate Degree


This is a degree course which often lasts for just two years



Bachelor Degree


This is the first-degree level or most fundamental degree level, one can do at a college



Blood Alcohol Level


This is the amount of alcohol detected within a person’s body. A person’s blood alcohol level can be low or high.


If it is high, that means that the alcohol level surpasses the recommended amount that a person should consume.





A campus refers to lands that a college owns and utilises.



Campus Facilities


These are places at colleges that are created specifically for students to use. This can include swimming pools, football fields, gyms



Campus Libraries


These are various libraries on campus, including those that are unique to specific faculties. 


A Social Science library and a Medical Library is normally located on campuses



Campus Maps


These are maps that help students and other visitors to find their way around campus



Campus Security


Refers to security services provided for college students, in order to keep them safe.


Campus security ensures that persons who come on campus have a legitimate reason for being there.


Campus security is available as well to ensure that there is a quick response to a problem on campus.


Students can ask campus security as well to escort them around campus in the nights.



Career Services





Campus Tours


Refers to services provided by a college, that allow persons to visit various places around campus by a college guide, in order to get a feel or sense for what the college is like



Certificate Programmes


These are courses offered by a college that lasts a much shorter period of time than a degree programme, such as 7 weeks.





This refers to a specific person, that is chosen to head a particular college



Clubs and Associations


These are formal social groups that exist in colleges, to bring together students who share similar interests



College Administration



College Application


Refers to a form that persons who want to attend college need to fill out.


On this form, persons provide personal information about themselves such as their name, address, grades, and tuition payment plans



College Degree


This is the fundamental academic programme offered by a college that usually lasts from 3-4 years



College Handbook


This is a book given to new college students.


This handbook shows general information about a college, the rules and regulations, tuition fees charged, living accommodation options, and other useful college information.



College Rules and Regulations


Although colleges are for adults, there are certain rules and regulations that students still need to abide by.


Students should not fight in college, should not sell on campus without permission, and should not be involved in any illegal activity such as abusing drugs.



Community College


This is a college located in a specific community. It is usually much smaller than a regular college.



Community Service


This is when a person volunteers to help persons within their community. Colleges like, and require students to be involved in community service





Refers to a very specific topic or subject area, that college students choose to do


For example, a beginner’s Japanese language course is available.



Course Code


This is a specific code assigned for each course in college.



Course Registeration


This is when a college student applies to do a particular course in their primary area of study



Course Selection


This is when college students are given the opportunity to choose a course that they want to



Course Work


This refers to research, projects, group presentations, that college students are required to do



Cover Letter


This is a letter that a person seeking a particular job creates and sends to a business along with a resume.


On a cover letter, job applicants express the reason why they are the most suitable person for the job being offered.



Credit Card


This is a payment card, containing money borrowed from the bank, that a person can use to purchase items.


The person then has to pay back the amount of money owed, as well as interest.



Current Students


These are students that are attending college now





Refers to the main person in charge of a specific faculty in college. As such there are different deans in a college



Debit Card


This is a payment card, that links directly to a person’s bank account.


This makes it convenient for persons to purchase items easily without cash





This refers to a certificate issued by a college, to prove that a particular student has passed and completed a major area of study in college.





Refers to a 2-year programme in an area of study. For example a Diploma in Criminology



Doctorate/Doctor of Philosophy


This is the highest degree level that someone can achieve



Double Major


This refers to two majors that a full-time college student can do at the same time.



D.U.I (Driving Under Influence)


This is when a person is driving, while having too much alcohol in their system.





This refers to persons who have registered and is accepted officially in college.



Escort Service


This is when campus security leads a student or students safely on campus.


For this to happen, a student simply calls campus security and request that they are provided with protection when walking on campus.


This escort service is suitable for persons who have to walk on campus very late at night





This is when students do not need to do a particular course because they have already done a course, that is similar.





These are the main areas in college that students are officially assigned to, based on their area of study.


A college normally has a Faculty of Social Science, where students can study in areas such as psychology, social work, and government.



First, Class Honors


This is the highest grade point average, that a student can achieve in college





This refers to an association on campus made up of men who share similar interests.


Not all men, however, can become a member of a particular fraternity, as top members within a fraternity choose who they want to join their fraternity.


Therefore, a fraternity can be described as a private, members only, club





Is the term used to describe new college students in the U.S



Full Time


This is when a student attends college throughout the day, as well as in the evenings and at nights, several days a week.



G. P.A (Grade Point Average)


This is a number of points that a college student earns, based on exam results and coursework done





This is an official ceremony created by colleges, for students, that have successfully passed and completed college





Refers to financial aids provided to specific students, who needs help paying their college tuition fees.


These students must have certain grades in order to be eligible



Guild/Guild of Students


Refers to a college association made up of college students, that represents college students in general.



Hall of Residence


This is the different areas that studies live in on campus



Identification Card


This is a card that college students are provided with to prove that they are in fact a college student.


This college I.D has the name, date of birth of the student, the faculty that the student belongs to, as well as an expiry date



Inter Faculty Transfers


This is where a college student, can transfer from one faculty in college to a different faculty.


Therefore, if a person is studying Psychology in the Faculty of Social Science  and wants to pursue a different path, such as English Literature, then the student can ask for a transfer to the Faculty of Humanities


It is best to ask for a transfer within the 1st or 2nd year of college if permitted.



International Students


This refers to students attending college who are from another country



International Student Exchange Programme


This is where a college student from a different country, spends the year at another college in another country.


This is to give the student a different cultural experience





This is where first-year students who live on campus, are subjected to embarrassing treatments by senior persons attending college





This refers to where college students will live while attending college. College students either can get housing on or off campus.




Job Interview


This is where a job applicant is asked questions by human resource personnel from a particular business, to determine whether the applicant is suitable for the job being provided.


A job interview can consist of more than one person such as a panel.



Joint Degree


This is where a student has to complete a particular degree within 2 countries.


Therefore, a student might do their first year of college in the U.K, and their second year of college in Spain





This is a place where students who live on campus can wash and dry their clothes



Leave of Absence


This is where a student officially applies for a break from college, usually for just a few months.


A person often take a leave of absence as a result of a sickness, pregnancy, or a major problem that needs to be dealt with





Refers to classes in college, that students attend, where they primarily listen to information being taught.


In order to retain what is learnt, a college student takes notes on what they are learning during lecturers.


A lecture usually lasts for an hour or two.





This refers to instructors who lecture in colleges



Lecture Hall


A lecture room is a classroom that is suitable to keep college lectures. The lecture rooms or classrooms are normally very big, and can accommodate a lot of students.



Lower Second Class


Refers to the third highest grade that a student has achieved in college





This is the main area of study a college student has chosen.


For example an English Major, an Accounts Major, or A Psychology Major



Masters Degree


This is a post-graduate programme lasting two years.



Mentorship Programme


This is a college program, that student has the option of joining, if they want to guide persons outside of college, in the proper direction.


A university student can help primary school students to do assignments given or they help students to read





This refers to the secondary area of study that a college student chooses. A minor involves a lot less work than a major.


For example, a student can have a major in Sociology and a minor in Spanish





This is where new students are briefed by the college that they will be attending in the future.


At the orientation, general information is provided to new students, including what is expected of them, during their time in college.





This is a package given to every new student attending a university, which includes a college student handbook of information





This is where college students are provided with a space to park their car on campus



Part Time


This is when a college student attends classes mostly in the evenings, normally after work.





This is the fifth highest Grade Point Average (G.P.A) that a person can achieve in college



Post Graduate Studies


This refers to courses done at a college by persons, who have already attended and graduated from college with an undergraduate degree





This refers to the top teaching level a college instructor can get





This refers to the different levels of education a college provides.


For example a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, a Diploma, an Associate Degree





An extensive search of information, that a college student does, in order to complete an assignment effectively





Is a standard document created by a job applicant, that provides their personal details, including education and work history, to perspective employers





Refers to money provided by a business, or organisation, to a student in order to finance their education.


Normally this student has to maintain certain grades, in order to fully benefit from the scholarship.





Refers to a set time period in college, usually 6 months. After each semester, a student has to do exams.





Semester 1/First Semester


Refers to the first 6 months within each year of college



Semester 2/Second Semester


The second semester refers to the last 6 months of college after the first semester has passed each year. 



Sexual Harrassment


This is when a person, male or female, makes unwanted sexual advances on a person repeatedly





This is a college student, that have completed their first year of college, and has moved on to their 2nd year in college





Refers to an association on campus made up of women.


Not all women, however, can become a member of a particular sorority as members are specifically chosen by leaders in the sorority.



Student Loans


This is when high past students, borrow money to pay for their college tuition fees. Then this student is responsible for repaying, the money they borrowed.



Student Records


This is detailed information about college students, such as their area of studies, and grades they have received.



Student Visa


Refers to a specific visa that college students apply for, in order to pursue studies in another country



Students With Disabilities


This refers to students that have a specific challenge doing daily activities. There are college students who are blind, or unable to walk.





This refers to the main statements, opinions and stance that a college student takes while writing a research paper.





This refers to educational information stored about a student, from a high school and college.


Educational institutions ask for a transcript, in order to determine the accuracy of information provided by a student.


Transcripts can be used well as to assist students to transfer from one educational institution to another



Transportation Service


As a result of campuses being big, there are transportation services such as bus services on campus that make it easier for persons to get across campus quicker





This refers to fees that students are charged by colleges



Third Class


This refers to the 4th highest Grade Point Average (G.P.A) that a college student can achieve



Undergraduate Degree


This refers to the first fundamental area of studies that a college offers. and that a college student achieves.



Upper Second Class


Refers to the second highest Grade Point Average (G.P.A) that a student can achieve in college



Voluntary Withdrawal


This is when a student stops attending  college, by their own will




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