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Volunteering is doing work without being paid. While in school it is important to start the process of volunteering.


This is because volunteering teaches us to give back to our community without financial rewards by helping those in need.


Persons sometimes prefer to do “volunteer work near me”, while others prefer going outside of their local area to volunteer. This decision is entirely up to you.


Keep in mind however that if you live in a small community, you may need to volunteer outside of your local areas to find better opportunities.



Places Where You Can Volunteer


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To start the process of volunteering, write down a list of places you want to volunteer at in a notebook. Whatever voluntary activity you choose should interest you, and if possible fit in with your future career goals. Places where you can volunteer includes:


  • Clinics, Hospitals


  • Orphanages


  • School Events Including Sports Competitions, Examination Marking, Graduation Ceremonies


  • Health Organizations


  • Teaching Facilities Such As Swimming Classes, Schools For Those With Disabilities


  • Camps


  • Homeless Shelters


  • Public Events Including Concerts, Parties, Celebrations, Elections


  • Zoos


  • Disaster Aid Organisations


  • Clubs And Associations


  • Housing Aid Organisations


  • Local Businesses




Where To Specifically Volunteer And How Long


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Based on your area of interest, it is important to write down a list of specific places where you want to volunteer. For example Red Cross, Y.M.C.A. Your high school, Habitat For Humanity.


Consider also how long you want to volunteer at a particular place, is it two weeks, three months, or 6 months?




Can I Volunteer Here?


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To officially begin volunteering you have first to contact places to see if they are accepting volunteers at the moment, and when is the best time to volunteer.


You can contact these organisations by phone and by visiting their location. Find out what specific volunteering activities they offer, and if you need any particular skills to do well.


You also have to ensure that your academic schedule can accommodate your volunteering activities.



Benefits of Volunteering


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Volunteering Records


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It is important to keep a record of all our volunteering activities in a notebook. This file should include:


  • The name of the organisation/business you volunteered for


  • The person/persons you reported to at the organisation/business


  • The date you volunteered and the time


  • A list of volunteering activities you did and were responsible for



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