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Barber – According to Merriam-Webster, a barber:


is one whose business is cutting and dressing hair, shaving and trimming beards, and performing related services


A certified Barber is expected to offer the following services. This includes “Scalp and Hair Care, Haircutting Techniques, Hair Styling Techniques, Facial Hair Care, Artificial Hair Services”. 


Barbers are expected to “keep their work environment safe and having the ability to deal with infections, using tools and equipment, hair colouring and lightening, chemical texture services, manicure and pedicure”.



Cosmetologist – Merriam-Webster Dictionary explains that a cosmetologist:


is a person who gives beauty treatments (as to skin and hair) —called also beautician


A certified cosmetologist provides “hair, skin, colour, texture, and nail services.” This includes “cutting, shampooing and drying hair, braiding, thermal scalp treatments. wax, facials. Hair colouring, highlights, hair texture manipulation, manicures and pedicures.” 


Cosmetologists are expected to uphold “professional standards in hair, skin, and nails. Providing a safe environment is also crucial, additional knowledge of finance and marketing is important”.



Hairdresser– Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that a Hairdresser:


is a person whose occupation is the dress or cutting of hair


A certified hairdresser should offer the following services such as “cutting hair services, styling hair, using chemical treatments effectively, colouring hair, and the use of artificial hair safely and effectively.”


Hairdressers are expected to “keep their work environment safe, communicate effectively with customers, and having basic skills in Maths and Computing”.



Trichologist – According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a Trichologist is:


a person who specializes in hair and scalp care; broadly


Specifically, a trichologist focuses on “hair problems, the potential cause of these problems such as a person’s lifestyle, environment, or genetics, and provide solutions”.


Trichologists are expected to be well versed in the Sciences such as “Anatomy and Physiology of the Hair and Scalp, Microscopy, Nutrition, Hair Shaft, Hair Loss and Scalp Problems.”






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