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Your cover letter is read before your resume. The cover letter you write is not static as a resume. Therefore your cover letter should change according to the job being applied for.


Therefore if you are applying to become a waiter, your cover letter should reflect that. Alternatively, if you are applying to become a chef, this should show you are applying for this position.



Simple Ways To Create A Cover Letter


The cover letter is formatted just like when writing an ordinary letter to someone. Below are basic cover letter samples that you will find useful.


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Step 1: Personal Details


The 1st step begins with putting in your information to the top left-hand side of your paper. This information is your full name, address, phone number and email address.



Step 2: The Date


The 2nd step is to put the date you are writing the cover letter on, example May 18, 2016.



Step 3: Sending The Letter To


The 3rd step is to address your cover letter to a particular person in human resources. To find a particular person, you can call a business or company asking for the best name to use.


When you get the name of an employee, instead of stating ‘Dear Hiring Manager’, you can say instead ‘Dear: Miss Maria Davis’.


Then, put the job position, that the person you are sending your cover letter has. After, put the name of the company or business they work for, or that you are applying to. Then put the address of the firm or business afterwards.



 Step 4: Dear:


The 4th step is to write,  ‘Dear: Miss Maria Davis’, or the full name of the person you are sending your cover letter to.



Step 5: Writing The Body Of The Letter


Then the 5th step is to write the body of your letter. Your cover letter can have 3 or 4 paragraphs. Your cover letter is meant to be personal. Therefore it is important to know about the person; you are sending your resume to. 


A cover letter gives you the opportunity to highlight the skills and experience you have, and how this will benefit the company. Therefore before sending in your cover letter, ensure to research the company or business you want to work for extensively.


Additionally, write down a list of skills you have and instances where those skills were useful previously in the workplace. 


For example, if you have done in-depth research specifically on diseases, you can explain the most important research skills you used at work previously. Then you can show how this benefited the company or business you used to work for specifically.


You could state that ‘developed special protocols, to ensure that leprosy samples are dealt with more safely, and efficiently in laboratories. As a result, I have been able to reduce the number of lab accidents by approximately 20%.’ 


The way you present information is crucial. You have to be interesting and engaging, showing the skills you have, how those skills benefited where you worked previously. Then how these same skills, can be used to help this company in their research capabilities.


In the last paragraph of the cover letter, you can indicate that you are interested in communicating with the company or business shortly, to discuss the job position that is available.



Step 6: Closing


When you are finished writing the body of the letter, you can end by stating ‘Sincerely, ‘then below that write your full name down, such as ‘Jessica Evans’. Above your name, you can put your signature to indicate further, that this cover letter was created officially by you.



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