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  How To Choose A College Major Right For You



Knowing how to choose a college major and minor before applying for college is very important. The major and minor of your choice should be in direct line with future career plans.


The college major a student chooses will determine the job opportunities available to them, after leaving college. 


It is best to choose a college major based on personal interests. At the same time, being able to find jobs that relate to your major is crucial. 






Choose A Major That Has Jobs Available



When jobs related to a major is hard to get, there will be serious problems in the future. 


To avoid this, getting advice from college counsellors is beneficial. Ensure to do personal research, about what career is best to pursue in college.



Partial List Of College Majors



Faculty of Humanities and Education


Bachelor of Arts In Dance


Bachelor of Arts In Drama


Bachelor of Arts In English Literature


Bachelor of Arts In Geography


Bachelor of Arts in History and Archaeology


Bachelor of Arts In Journalism


Bachelor of Arts In Library 


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish




Faculty of Medical Sciences



Bachelor of Science in Radiography


Bachelor of Science In Nursing


Bachelor of Science In Physical Therapy




Faculty of Science and Technology



Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences


Bachelor of Science In Biochemistry


Bachelor of Science in General Physics


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Bachelor of Science in Electronics


Bachelor of Science In Information Technology


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


Bachelor of Science In Microbiology




The Faculty of Social Sciences


Bachelor of Science in Accounting


Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance


Bachelor of Science in Economics


Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of Science in International Relations


Bachelor of Science in Marketing


Bachelor of Science in Political Science


Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Bachelor of Science in Social Work


Bachelor of Science in Sociology




A College Minor Is Important


A college major is the main area of study for a bachelor’s degree. A college minor refers to the secondary area of study that a student does in college.


When choosing a minor, choose one that supplements the major you are doing. So for students doing a major in Journalism, a great minor would be an English minor. 



Partial List of College Minors



Minor in Computer Science


Minor In Criminology


Minor In Economics


Minor in History


Minor in International Relations


Minor In Law


Minor In Linguistics


Minor In Mathematics


Minor in Mandarin


Minor in Philosophy


Minor In Sociology



Jobs Related To College Majors







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