Adult High School Education


High School Diploma For Adults



When you have not completed high school, there are programs available to help you complete your education as an adult. This is a crucial step to take whether you are employed presently or not.


The Local France news in 2016 stated the following:


According to recent figures, each year some 110,000 youngsters leave the French school system without a qualification. Five years ago the number was as high as 136,000.



The Ministry of Education in Jamaica estimates,


…that close to 2,160 students between grades eight and 10 drop out of high school each year.



A news article entitled, Spain’s school dropout rate highest in Europe reported in 2014 that:


Although Spain has made some progress in improving its school dropout rate in recent years, nearly one in four young Spaniards are still dropping out of school early — the highest rate in the European Union.

For the third year in a row, Spain has come top of Europe’s school dropout table.


…Europe’s other ‘worst’ performers, Portugal and Malta, have made more substantial progress.


Malta has seen dropout rates plummet from 53.2 percent a decade ago to 20.9 percent in 2013 and in Portugal a 45 percent rate has fallen to 19.2 percent.   



If you are unemployed, you can explain this to the institutions that you are interested in attending; this is to see if you can do your classes at discounted rate or even for free. 


It is important also to do classes at institutions that are accredited and come highly recommended. This is to prevent you from having problems with your certificates in the future.


The four most important subjects that you have to do is Language, Mathematics, Information Technology and Business. If you have not attended high school for a long time these topics may seem difficult, however, do not give up. Ask for extra help when you need it.






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