What Is A Good Job That Is Competitive?


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What is a good job that is competitive? A good job first and foremost, should be one that genuinely interests you. Therefore you should like or love the job you want to do.


Secondly, the occupation should have specific employee benefits that you consider to be the best or most important to you.


This job benefit can include for example being able to work flexibly, when you prefer, rather than working in a structured environment.


Another one can include being able to take time off when one is pregnant, this is known as maternity leave.




 Identifying Your Hobbies


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It is important to examine our hobbies, as this can give us an indication of the jobs best suited for us.


  • What do you first think of doing after waking up on the weekend? Is it playing video games, drawing, or playing a musical instrument?


  • Find other hobbies to do in your spare time. Examples include cooking, dancing, making craft items, making jewellery, creating designs, and gardening.


  • Identify your favourite subjects in school such as English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Business, Accounting.


  • Go out with friends to discover your interests. You can go to parks, museums, plays, movies, and concerts.


  • Volunteer at places that interests you. For example, dog shelters, public events, hospitals, barbers, hotels, and at a school, you attend or attended at some point. 


Volunteering will help you to discover what job or career is best suited for you.




Narrowing Your Interests


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After you have done the above, it is important to now narrow down your interests. To do this effectively, note the following experiences I have had.


  • When I love a particular hobby or activity; it is easy for me to do it without pay because I get personal fulfilment just by doing the hobby itself. 


  • The second lesson I observed about myself is, I find myself spending a lot of time doing a particular hobby or activity that I enjoy. Often I find myself being immersed in a particular hobby for hours on end, without even realising it at times.


  • The third lesson I learnt is, when one is willing to spend money to get the most out of a particular activity, this is an indication of how strongly they feel about it. We spend money on items that we consider to be valuable.


  • The fourth lesson I observed is, when I am excited about a hobby or activity, I get excited naturally when talking to others about it. 


  • The fifth lesson I learnt is when I enjoy a hobby, I sometimes picture myself working full time in this area. If you love a hobby or activity, you can seriously see yourself operating in this field full time or part time if possible and practical.


  • The sixth lesson I learnt is when I watch t.v shows that illustrates how to improve a particular hobby, this means I love that hobby and am willing to do better.


Based on your area of interests that has become smaller, you will now have a much better idea what you may like or love, and want to pursue in the future.



Is Doing What You Love Always A Good Idea?


Quote By Woodrow Wilson



True Story


Brian* had a 9:00 – 5:00 job working in a major company. He decided to follow his passion for art, and give up the full-time job he had. He did not make any money from his art, however, despite the fact that he was indeed a great artist.


Brian eventually became bankrupt. He lost his home, and also his wife. He had to stay with a friend to get back on his feet.



The above situation shows that sometimes there are severe consequences when trying to follow our passion wherever it leads. Not all our desires can keep us stable and financially secure.


Therefore when choosing a career path or a job, make sure also that you will be able to have a steady income that allows you to survive and thrive.


 In other words, it is best to choose a job or career that you like or love, which will provide you with stability.


Additionally, you also have to determine, what work advantages or benefits are crucial to your happiness.




High Paying Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs Infographic


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 5 highest paid occupations are Surgeon, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Orthodontist and Anesthesiologist.


When searching for work, we often are attracted to high-paying jobs.


There is a firm belief that as long as we are making a lot of money, everything will be perfect and we will be happy.


However, the reality is that many adults are working and getting high pay, but they are miserable and would prefer to leave the job they have.


Consider the following:


The largest economy in the world is China, followed by the United States, and then India.


A 2012 Gallup poll stated that in China:


…about half of Chinese workers (49%) say their job is the “ideal” one for them.



According to the Conference Board in 2016


… nearly half of US workers (49.6 percent) are satisfied with their jobs. After improving incrementally since the post recession recovery period, overall job satisfaction is at its highest since 2005.


The rapidly declining unemployment rate, combined with increased hiring, job openings, and quits, signals a seller’s market, where the employer demand for workers is growing faster than the available supply.



Additionally in 2013, according to the popular job website Monster.comresearch has shown:


55% of Indian workers love or like their jobs a lot



Notice that for the most part only half of workers or a little more, are in a job they want.  


As an adult, you will spend most of your life working. Therefore if you want to be happier, it is crucial to do everything you can to find the best job, even if you will not be rich. 


If your career path is best for you, and lucrative, by all means, continue on this route. You should not feel guilty for doing so.



Standard Employee Benefits 


Job Benefits Infographics


Job Benefits Infographic


What about specific standard employee benefits? How important is this to you when searching for work?


Should your ideal job have maternity leave? Is having Health Insurance provided by a job important to you, or are getting raises important?


To some workers, having access to certain job benefits are an absolute necessity when choosing the best job. 




 A Flexible Work Schedule

Job Shift Schedule Template


Screenshot of “Employee Shift Schedule” from Microsoft Business Templates


Having a flexible work schedule is important for some workers.


Working full time daily for 8 hours can feel tedious, and therefore flexible hours helps to make work more bearable.


Another advantage of having a flexible schedule is that it allows persons, to have more free time to do other projects or other jobs.



Working With A Few or Large Staff

Firefighters At Night
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Some workers feel much happier working alone or with just a few people, while others enjoy being around a lot of individuals.


The number of staff who work at your office, as well as the attitude of those workers, impact significantly on your happiness at work.


Please note that working with a small amount of staff does not mean that there will be less conflict.




What Ultimately Is The Best Job For Me? 


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The best job is a combination of your interests, wants, and needs.


Therefore it is important to write down a list of work that you like or love.


Then after that, write down, the top job benefits important to you.


Be realistic with your expectations though. No job or career path is perfect. 


If you like or love a particular job or career, this will go a long way in helping you to be happy at work.



Career Counseling


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When in the process of deciding what jobs or career to pursue, it is crucial to get academic and career counselling from professionals.


It is important to assess whether you are on the right academic and career path, and if not things you can do to improve your situation.


To pursue a job or career path, you first need educational qualifications, to show that you can handle that job.


On Therapy 121 website, you can get career counselling online, with your 1st-hour session free of cost.


Are you attending high school or college at this time? If so academic and career guidance is usually provided at the institutions you are attending.


If you already have left school, you can get counselling from career service businesses whose primary goal is to help you find the best job for you.





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If you want to find a job or career best suited for you, it is important to analyse the hobbies and interests you have.


Then, spend time doing what you like, or love, such as volunteering in areas of interest to gain practical experience.


The main hobby or interest you have may however not be the best career choice for you.


There are certain hobbies that no matter how much we enjoy will not make us enough money for us to survive which is vital.


It is important therefore to get academic and career counselling, so we can choose the best career for us based on our interests, needs, and wants.




Recommended Personal Activities


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  • Buy a notebook specifically to write down information on jobs and career paths that interest you.


  • First, write down a list of jobs or careers that you like or love in your notebook.


  • Then write down a list of employment benefits important to you


  • Afterwards, research to see what qualifications you need to pursue in careers that interest you. Write them down in your book.

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